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    Thank you for sharing knowledge and information... and everything.
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    I have sleep apnea, but also extremely claustrophobic, so I can't wear a mask. Instead I elevate my head, and that works well. I'm not sure if it mentioned red light, but that is suppose to help us to sleep, avoiding the light from the phone, TV, pute, hours before bed time. I see it mentioned light, blue and is it white? That keeps our brains active. I have to keep reading, this is fascinating, have to share with a few patients who have issues. Amazing that we can not actually recover that lost sleep. I've read where cannabis can keep you from falling into REM sleep? I sleep so well under the oil but I don't know if I ever actually have REM sleep, I am always fatigued no matter how much I sleep.
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    i had a fat lmp in my throat. what a beautiful hommage !!!
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    This is a biographical, artistic telling of how the inspiration and beginning of cultural healing and life happened. This is written in a different perspective as Deborah died unexpectedly and it is simply easier for me to write in that manner as it does hurt but I desire to tell this. The following is authentic and true. The songs and videos have deep meaning and fit so well it is almost like it was designed for it. All respect to the artist as it is they that help add another layer that illustrates the emotion and feelings that is genuine for the illustration of how we were and I ask to please support the artist direct. Cultural Healing and Life is not designed to make profit in any way nor will it as this site is a sacred working gift from the hearts of Jon and Deborah and we hope it becomes the entity of positive in some way or whatever it is is for you. In that way, we all still live. The advice of Deb would be to listen to the tree. ~JJ the gardener. The story of Jon and Deb. and the beginning of Cultural Healing and Life! The Strumbellas - Long Road Deborah's Back Story Deborah started college in 1986 with four children. She graduated from Meramec Community College with History Honors and an A.A. In 1988 she graduated from Fontbonne University with Dean’s List & Phi Lambda Theata and a 3.9 G.P.A Her second marriage at the time disintegrated due to her husband attempting to utilize controlling religious views and practices which was driven to influence Deborah to quit college direction and to be become a specific type of house wife. During this time Deborah's husband pledged to give the church Deborah's house which she had bought and had title. She corrected this in the church at the time. The church then sided with Deborah's husband and attempted to talk her out of her continued education and personal to professional betterment which thus caused her to leave the church and become shunned by virtually all associated with her and the church for her efforts. She was abandoned without support (some limited support from mother and siblings) nor friends but she endured her and her children. Deborah would remain true to her beliefs her entire life never turning away from God but she would not trust those of the cloth again. Deborah worked as a secondary education teacher and was recognized and awarded for her teaching abilities during this time. While shes struggled for her education she did not allow the family and life struggles to diminish her. It was in her nature to do the best she could as it was the only way she knew of doing something. Later Deborah would meet and later marry a prestigious chemical engineer professor at the University of Delaware and she put the money down and made the payments on a new family home from the sale of her first house. While they had no children of their own, her husband raised and cared for Deborah's children as if he was. Most of their middle-school to high-school years were in this family dynamic. They were a loving family. While assisting her husband, Deborah wrote the grant that enabled the creation of the glue that was used to attach the tiles to the space shuttle. She also assisted in obtaining grants for the creation of a method to break down oil spilled in bodies of water. She was specifically credited with enabling complex scientific terminology, scientific explanations and other confusing and complex aspects understandable to the governing bodies that awarded such grants. It is in this skill that made her unique from other grant writers who often wrote in a certain style but was not as effective. Deborah additionally worked as a substitute teacher but due to low pay for teachers at the time she found better economic employment with a law firm & after that law firm merged with another she found employment working as a surgical assistant for 5 and a half years. In 1996 Deborah accepted an opportunity to work with a Delaware commission that catered to community needs and was the Executive Director for over 14 programs plus “Learn and Serve” which Deborah personally wrote the grant to bring the program into the State of Delaware. Today the programs are still going strong with 21 programs statewide. Jealously from a politician over Deborah's work (ordered to say the politician did the work and Deborah did not give in to this demand) forced Deborah out of the commission. (All internal documents of proof we have.) Deborah, while studying and researching art became friends & Biographer for Allen Midgette who worked with Andy Warhol in the late 50’s and 60’s. Deborah also published a book, Allen Midgette Contemporary Artist and was a contributing author within other publishing's. She assisted Allen Midgette with various art grants and friendship and was friendly with many of the people in the shadow of Andy Warhol. During this time frame Deborah went to France to study art under Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet was also part of Andy Warhol’s entourage and muse of Salvador Dali. Deborah helped create art that sold for high financial figures at a show they did in France. Deborah at this time had earned a master degree and was only a few credit hours from a PH.D. However the PH.D would not assist her professionally nor economically so she elected to not pursue that last collegiate degree. Her marriage would not work out but it was no ones fault than life itself. I will finish here with her words from a poem she wrote shortly before Jon and Deborah met and is reflective how she viewed the entirety of her life at the time. She shared this poem with Jon as that he would better understand her better. Prison of Iron Unfetter my wild heart Parched flames of desire Ever glaring, midnight moonless, besieging walls, Ever watching, lest the hell-chains slip To lie silent on the frigid, footworn, stones, Captive in this dismal cage, Mute to the swell and fall of haunting desire, Burrowed deep within my casket Where burning love flickers to forget All hope, Realized, radiant love, shall it ever allude my touch? Or shall I curse the day I was born in bondage To relish fragrant apparitions Of unrequited love. Tuesday, July 8, 1997 – M. Deborah Beris Jon's Back Story Jon served honorably in the Air Force (before, during and after the first gulf war) and then went to work for the federal government working for the Defense Commissary Agency. A grocery store for the military located at Bitburg AFB, Germany. Jon was also good friends with Dee, an American business owner and friend who played a positive role in Jon's life when he was at his most down he almost made a foolish error and Dee overheard a stupid plan and he gave them the money to fix the situation. Jon later went to repay Dee at another business he owned and they became friends for many years afterwards and Dee would be almost a father type of figure towards Jon at times. Dee was caring and helpful to those who were good people and needed help and he often assisted those in need quietly and without always being asked. This aspect of humanity would remain with Jon and play a larger role later in Jon's own life choices. One night Jon's mother, whom he had a negative relationship with, called him and told him she was without food, couldn't pay the bills or wash herself (she had an accident and was incapable at the time) and that Jon's father was living somewhere else and the kids (Jon's sisters) were running wild. Upon hearing this he said if this is true he will resign his job, leave his life in Germany and come home personally to take care of this. She said it was true and Jon followed through on his word. Once Jon returned home he found these descriptions to be false and Jon left the family home and was going to return to Germany. However an Aunt talked him out of going back and Jon agreed to stay in USA due to the seemingly odd aspect that Jon did not call anyone in the family to verify which he normally would have done. So Jon just let it go as fate and did not return to Germany. Jon filed for unemployment in Pennsylvania but he took a job the day the check came in and he never picked it up as he had a job working for a relative in a fair food business. After doing that for most of the season Jon took another fair job and traveled with a fair working a basketball game of skill for the rest of the season. After the season Jon traveled to NewCastle, Delaware and stayed with his sister. During this time Jon went to check out a business and that is where Jon and Deb met. Natia Tavartkiladze - Sacred Spirit - Yeha Noha Poem from Deborah written to Jon The Way I love You No one wil ever marvel you, as in the way I love you. Silken words you weave incisively into the chasm, that abysmal grotto that is bent on the annihilation of my soul. Your sovereign hand apprehend the thief as you lead me to exodus. In this way I love you, for your gifted perception in the way you counsel and guide me. Yearning years, resigned I waited for a man to be equally united. Impatient, obliging, never loyal to my secret self, I cheated myself until now, when I feel the way I love you. The impenetrable pass of my heart is rent, crushed by your strong nature I speak in your spectral eyes. I love you in a way that no other will. Completely The way I love you. Monday, June 15, 1998 – M. Deborah Beris The start of Jon & Deb Deborah and her husband would separate and divorce. Deborah left her husband and financial security to be with Jon. Their love was a powerful entity that could not be ignored by each other even though this was not the best moral choices to make due to Deborah being married. Deborah left her marriage not due to Jon but due to their particular relationship issues. Her husband at the time was a good man worthy of respect and other than her arm being hurt (She was harmed and had to wear a sling) as he grabbed her arm while she was leaving (not abusive but a genuine accident in an emotional moment not intended for injury) he was a correct man towards her. Jon and Deborah would travel to Missouri for a short period of time while things settled down. A short period of time after Deborah returned to Delaware and later Jon joined. Soon after Jon came to live with Deborah, one of Deborah's sons attempted to murder Jon with a shotgun. He spent time in Jail and would later make a good professional and financial life and start a family of his own. This particular son of Deborah's would continue to attempt to attack Jon upon sight at all opportunities in life as of this writing. While he was in prison Jon cooked for and ensured his daughter was well cared for as her and the child's mother lived with them for a period of time. Jon personally ensured she was cleaned from fleas which she was infested with. They did not make a big deal of it. Jon and Deborah looked after (their grandchild) as they would any other. Jon and Deborah would display her photos as she grew up and became an adult. Jon would not see her again since the time she moved overseas with her mother who married a military man. Jon kept up with her life from afar and via discussions with Deborah gave input with Deborah's spoken advice on subjects regarding her. She is all grown up now but to Jon, she is still the little girl in his heart and is always welcome but he knows he will not see her again and his likely forgotten and/or misunderstood due to parental influences on the view towards Jon. Deborah's youngest son had married and later they bought a house. Jon personally made the food for the wedding which was held at Jon and Deborah's home. Later when the couple bought a home Jon was asked to come and see the new house and Deborah's son who attacked Jon before came to the house (likely bad timing and not premeditated) and attempted to attack Jon but the son's wife or fiance stopped him and got him around the corner while Jon and Deborah left. Jon would never return to the youngest son's home or any other home of his again. Work and Health Jon and Deborah would work at Community Systems inc, which is a not for profit company that runs group homes for the mentally handicapped. Jon's health was bad and thus he was not able to consistently maintain a regular work week and is the start of some hard times health wise for Jon. Jon and Deborah's work helped to transform the company which had been required to pass an accreditation due to issues with the state in poor past performance. As a result of Jon and Deborah's work Community Systems Inc, would obtain its highest CARF rating on record for CARF for any organization at that point in time. Community Systems Inc, would later betray Deborah and as a result Jon left Community Systems Inc in support of his wife. Deborah left Community Systems Inc, and went to work for Delaware Cardiovascular. She was a vice president and responsible for all locations and personnel. Jon and Deborah created a side business "M. Deborah Studios" which created personalized movies from pictures and existing videos. They also made family orientated cook books and personal books for family members such as having their stories in a book for their family and similar special occasions. They made unique personal and business media products. Eventually this service would dramatically slow during an economic down turn as businesses no longer were making videos for their projects and family clients shrank due to technology coming to a threshold one could use a low cost application on a computer to create similar results. While not an equal in quality the price difference was too great to overcome. In time they would close M. Deborah Studios. During this time the USS Cole, a navy destroyer was bombed and as the military brought back the dead servicemen to the mortuary at Dover AFB the military did not allow the media on the base to photograph so the media gathered around the fence by the road and this odd gathering distracted a driver who hit Deborah from behind. Deborah's was visiting a new office location in Dover Delaware and a while sitting at a red light in front of Dover AFB she was hit from behind by a large truck and totaled Deborah's car and severely injured Deborah for which she would never fully recover. Deborah did not sue the military as they did not want to do that but they ask their lawyer to discuss the issue with the base commander. They do not know if such a discussion about the risks took place but years later the traffic pattern in front of the base were redone that would prevent that type of accident again. This was likely an independent decision outside of the accident. As a result of this accident and injury Deborah would suffer a broken neck and broken back at multiple points. Her initial doctor wanted to do immediate surgery. Deborah was adamant about no surgery due to a deep feeling against it and this started issues with doctors and with her insurance company which their was unprofessional and unethical behavior on both the doctor and insurance companies part. Documents would later show the insurance company acted improperly from the moment of the accident and how they would interact with Deborah's doctors by attempting to dictate care per their interest and not a medically correct one. Deborah would seek a second, third and fourth opinion but could never get two opinions that matched in reason but they did mostly recommend surgery but for different reasons. Eventually due to friend of friends connections Deborah was seen by the head of a department at a prestigious medical college. This doctor agreed with Deb's view and said not to do surgery and to use a stretch machine over time to help correct the issues. This was the correct the treatment and she would become better for it but she had suffered physically, emotionally and financially for her efforts to be treated as a patient and not as product with the sole interest to obtain the highest insurance payments (the doctor.) Deborah's doctor at the time would literally throw a fit about not going to his partner for a second opinion and later he would uncontrollably run around the room throwing a fit as if a child upon finding a differing opinion which came from the head of John Hopkins University for the department for which she was scene. The insurance company accused her of pain pill abuse as she did not want the surgery, had a prestigious medical opinion to not do the surgery and her desire to correct the issue with the long term stretching. (She was later proved correct.) Deborah's sons had tried to influence their mother in having the surgery siding with the doctors (without them even speaking to a doctor) advice, rather than the John Hopkins opinion, some of them pursued this discussion with her even when obtaining positive results from physical therapy. It was not the issue of disagreement but was the tone and belittlement she endured for which she would remain silently disappointed in that behavior in those who acted in such a way. Jon told her it was because she was with him and that should expected similar behaviors and other passive aggressive emotions and actions as their disgust of Jon was translating inappropriately towards their mother. She would endure this for the sake of being able to visit her grandchildren. Deborah was in immense daily pain and agony and she developed RSD (Raynaud's disease) which would never leave her and she suffered daily for the rest of her life. At the time RSD was not generally accepted in the medical community nor at the Christian Hospital in Delaware and many doctors would ignore her visible issue at the hospital forcing her to cruelly suffer far greater than necessary. This was action was similar to torture without merited justification. The insurance company would call Deborah's doctors as she would find a new doctor after the last one threw a childish fit and they would tell them she had been abusing pills which was not true and not based any merited reasoning. Jon and Deborah would have to go far into PA to find a pain management practice that would not bow down to the insurace companies tactics. Eventually Deborah found a local doctor who would stand up to the insurance company and he would be a saviour for her. Later the insurance company would pay for this abuse as Jon documented her suffering hours by hours and daily for many months and before walking into court the insurance agreed to their terms. The Strumbellas - The Bird That Follows Me Deborah suffers more bad health Jon nursed Deb back to health and after years of physical therapy and as medically recommended from John Hopkins University they regained some level normality. Then shortly after finding a balance managing the injury with day to day living Deborah began to have issues with a hiatal hernia. However, the hospital initially misread the hiatal hernia scan. Deborah was consistently hospitalized for long periods of time due to extensive suffering. The misreading of the initial hiatal hernia test was used by many doctors and thus they chose to diagnose incorrect and even accused Deborah of having health issues from being fat. Deborah gained weight due to the hiatal hernia, naturally and otherwise she is and was slim with good health and this was ignored by the doctor. They fired a lot of doctors. Eventually after many lengthy stays in the hospital in two states a doctor redid the test and it showed the hiatal hernia and it was very serious. A re-look at the first test showed they misread it. Deborah would go thru an operation to repair the hiatal hernia and during the operation the surgeon nicked her chest cavity. While Deborah was recovering in her hospital room within a few days of the operation an infection took hold but was not recognized by the hospital. Deborah called Jon in a great amount of pain and told him that she complained of extreme pain to the nurse and the nurse came and closed the door as if she was a problem patient. While on the phone she stood up and a splashing sound was heard by Jon. This sound was Deborah's chest and it rotted and fell on the floor. Deborah was placed in intensive care and the head doctor watched her as she had a breathing mask on but might need a bigger mask but he did not think she would survive putting it on so if needed he wanted to make the call for the best time if needed. He watched her all night. During this time Deborah would say she was visited by an old sea captain who told her it was not her time yet and she started to get better. Deborah would go on to have a mesh abdomen that would slowly heal. She would suffer intense pain and nausea for the rest of her life. They did not sue anyone as the doctor who saved her and did the best care possible after the accidental nick of the abdomen so we let it go as her being alive when she easily would not have been was enough for them. The injury was an accident and not negligence. Very few people would do this as they had a potential law suite with negligence and with pain and suffering could of ended with substantial financial ruling but ethically they could not do that and have to go after those who saved Deborah life. Sometimes life is hard and it speaks for the measure of a person when they make such during times of hard. Some would say it was a stupid decision to not sue especially as later in life financially they would suffer but it was an ethical and moral question to Deborah and they would do what the could to get through life and keep their ethics and morals regardless of ones opinion on the subject. No matter the financial position later in life, this choice was never second guessed by Deborah and Jon. This horrific situation physically affected Deborah but it did not change who she was. Finding employment with medical issues As a result of all their medical expenses and lack of regular income Deborah had tapped her retirement funds while a several years search for employment commenced. Deborah would consistently make it the last round of interviews but she was always second to getting hired. Her health issues and age was typically the problematic issue. This went on for several years. She eventually took a position with a staffing agency to work at a prestigious patent law firm in a nearby city. They would soon fire her as soon as she started having health issues but they said she made a bad choice for a trivial thing. Karma has said hello to them I am sure. Later she would find a job at a chiropractic office and she would not last long as the office manager was threatened by Deborah's qualifications compared to hers. Deborah had no interest in the office managers Job. The School of Life - Resilience In Hard Times Student Loans Deborah would take a job with student loan processing company as they hired a group of disabled people in essence to illustrate that they are a good business entity who hires disabled people too. Deborah hated the aspect of the Job where people abuse and say hurtful and demeaning things to the collectors. She grew a thick skin and this is part of being a collector for student loans. Deborah was consistently at the top ratings for collectors and regularly rewarded. She viewed her Job as helping borrowers and not "just" as collectors. She would look correctly at the borrowers finances and put in a realistic reduction request as to bring the borrower back into good standing and be a realistic adjustment. This is why she did that job until she passed. She cared for those people who truly wanted to do right but were in a financial position that it was not possible to honor earlier agreements that in truth, few understood correctly when they signed. Deborah would work their until they split into two companies. She would work with the one split company for many years but they would eventually fire her due to her health issues but before they could even file a legal/civil action Deborah was hired at the other split company. She would work their until she passed away bringing relief to many borrowers. Almost daily she would come home and tell Jon about the people she helped by getting their interest rates reduced, how they cried and so very thankful as we are talking a significant amount of money on the part of the borrower. She was grateful she was able to help in such ways but she was also harassed by some of her managers from time to time as they prefer quick collections rather than longer time consuming rate reductions. The collecting system is managed in a way it punishes collectors for doing rate reductions and/or they do not approve it for a variety of reason and on the collectors. Deborah's has been scolded by low level managers for doing so many rate reductions but the superiors were always supportive but it is the managers reacting to pressures and not being effective managers. Deborah could not be bullied or intimated so she could stand up to inappropriate management, few others can. Deborah enjoyed working with the people at the company but specifically the ability to help others and she also assisted her fellow collectors in being better and correct collectors. Deborah was famous for bringing in her coleslaw and Jon's chili. While she hated going in the morning due to knowing all the problem she was going to face she enjoyed coming home to Jon and her cats and telling of her day in which she performed financial miracles in loan rate reductions on a virtual daily basis. She was proud of that and so was Jon and the cats! The medicinal beginning. Jeremy Jensen - Rising Appalachia- Medicine Jon's health was also not good at most times from diverticulitis but he also suffered from a type of condition from having too many concussions and this mimicked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). When Jon would have issues from this Deborah would make a special tea for Jon when he would have stress issues and to help his kidneys function. Deborah combined over 70 ingredients and consulted with many herbalist and oriental medicine practitioners. She spent many hours at libraries and in consultation on this tea. It is referred to as stress tea or a stronger version called pissing tea. When these health issues were at their worst Jon could not get out of bed and he was in immense pain. Pain medication does not agree with Jon and he would become forcefully ill with nausea and thus pain medication generally makes a situation worse than help. Deborah one day came to Jon with an old wooden pipe and being unknown to Jon she had grown a cannabis plant with the hopes it would help Jon, at this time cannabis was not a part of their lives but Deborah being desperate to help her husband took an action out of desperation. An action to assist in relieving the suffering of a loved one. In that perspective, this was not a wrong act. Add on the experience and emotion of watching Jon deteriorate and suffer greatly one should be able to understand how such an act by a desperate and caring person happened. She did what she did out of love and caring for her husband as she could see that Jon could not find relief in traditional medicine. For Jon, it was a great act! This aspect of caring would later play a large role with Jon and cannabis. The use of cannabis did help and as Jon regained his health he took over growing the plant. Jon's condition made him not able to endure regular daily physical stress and simply walking around at the house would cause Jon to violently gag. He also suffered very painful leg cramps on a daily basis He was stuck in a cycle of regaining and diminishing in strength and just going up and down some stairs could cause a gagging attack that would force Jon to be bedridden for a day or two and if stress was not reduced he would worsen and lose the ability to walk or he would walk like an old person all bent over. The medical use of cannabis helped Jon obtain a degree of stability by managing his nausea and he slowly regained more endurance and better health over time and it is Jon's view that cannabis did play a significant role in enabling Jon to be able to endure the daily routine of life so that his health could begin to improve. This aspect of cannabis would later play a significant role in the future of Jon and cannabis. Vaporizers for the sick and terminal Jon was a non tobacco smoker and thus the traditional means of smoking was difficult for Jon's lungs to manage on a regular basis so he looked into other methods of taking cannabis and found the early workings of the vaporizer industry. For a time Jon would speak at an online forum for vaporizers when their was no such thing at the time. Jon helped promote and played a small role in the new industry by talking on vaporizers online and in person often introducing vaporizers for the first time in talks with people who had terminal and significant health conditions within the state Jon resided. No cannabis was used or given during these talks, it was about the vaporizer as means of intake being cleaner than smoking it. Later due to Jon's work within the vaporizer industry, vaporizer companies would sometimes send Jon vaporizers to review and he would often be allowed to loan and/or gift those vaporizers to a suffering or terminally ill person for their use. Jon only supplied the vaporizer and instructions on how to use it at this time. While people may have varied opinions on doing such a thing. A significant benefit was that the terminally ill person could gain a period of quality time with their loved ones and have good end of life type of conversations where as when they were on the narcotic heavy pill medications the effects of those options created a state where the person was not suffering but was largely removed from such interactions due to drowsiness, nausea and/or inability to coherently interact. Another benefit was often that a family discussion would revolve around the suffering aspects of the patient (stated for illustration of person in conversation) and not the quality type of discussions either participant wanted. In perspective, when people were on the pills people they had less endurance for company and to participate fruitfully in deeper discussions compared to cannabis use in my experience and view based from discussions with the suffering persons family members. This aspect and the other experiences with cannabis would play a further and significant role in the life of Jon and cannabis. Easy Eye Sound - Dan Auerbach - Shine On Me The Crime At this time Jon medically took care of himself but in time people who knew Jon and Deborah the closest would at times discuss their health issues and at times included the topic of cannabis. No one knew of Jon's medication at that time. During certain discussions Jon and Deborah might talk on their experiences with the plant and sometimes a small gift was given and depending on the effectiveness of that small gift it would potentially be a one and done interaction or become a regular medical usage depending on the effectiveness and situation. Each situation was different. By gift, it was a gift and no money or compensation in anyway was accepted during this time. This all combined at this time was a small amount and it did not yet take away from what was already being made for Jon's medicine. This would soon change. These people were truly injured, sick and terminal and suffering. This was not used for recreational enjoyment. They found hope and relief via Jon's work and he could appreciate suffering and not being able to find relief from the traditional pharmaceutical pain and symptom relief options by main stream medicine. Helping people in this way, as Jon would say is "the pat on the back I take" "as they cant take that (the benefit they helped make) away" Life sort of made them a victim of circumstance and their own ethical and moral views and emotions perhaps, but they were not criminals. They cared for whom they helped as it was the suffering that was their concern more so than repercussions when they were faced with these life choices. It is easy to judge off the cuff so to speak but it is another thing to be in those shoes and face such needs for help when you have the unique ability to help. For Jon and Deborah, their was no question but a dread they did have in knowing they now become something else. While it seems they made a choice, for them it was merely being true to their ethics and morals they live by and thus this never was a choice but more of a path that life placed before them with no other direction to take. Jon and Deborah made a decision to take a direct action to help based on not just the need of the individuals, their closeness to Jon and Deborah but also because they have seen true benefits from cannabis not by opinion but by experience and most importantly how effective the medicine helped them. To some this was a crime, to others they were seen as blessings from god doing what no other people could do for them. To their country and state, they were essentially an enemy due to laws that helped create the situation enabling the real suffering by cannabis being an illegal commodity, at the time. At the time the state Jon and Deborah lived in and for the people they assisted did allow medical cannabis but only from state sponsored dispensaries (not effective solution for a variety of reasons) but the high pricing and difficulty in finding quality doctors who cared for their patients who would risk prescribing it as cannabis was still not a mainstream option accepted yet across the medical industry. The combination was an effective barrier for those Jon helped in receiving help from the "legally controlled system." In addition, many of these people would not easily know how to obtain street cannabis or from a traditional illegal source as the risk of them become victims increases. I am not speaking for or against aspects, I am just stating the perspective as it was and perhaps still is as they seen it. Jon and Deborah stood up when they were needed and called upon. No regrets except for the fact the situation was needed in the first place and this fault is with the medical and legal views which often are incorrectly influenced and in that is the cause of this unnecessary suffering. This is not pointed out as a justification or an excuse but an illustration of fact. It is up to each person to weigh that themselves. . The Revivalists - The Revivalists | "Men Amongst Mountains" | Live Session Expansion & Finances As time progressed more people came to Jon and Deborah and the need grew bigger than what was currently grown became an issue. As a result Jon learned about growing indoors in a serious horticultural direction becoming knowledged in growing environments, lighting, plant physiology, plant nutrition and many horticulture aspects of plants. Jon in his youth did yard work for a lady who was a serious horticultural hobbyist and had high value and award winning plants in her backyard that people would travel and see yearly. Through her Jon was introduced to growing plants and in a quality way. The foundation of learning horticulture for Jon was due to her teachings and influence. Years later after she passed away a lawyer would buy her house and make a parking lot in her garden. I am confident he had no idea. I would beleive it the place is haunted! Jon and Deborah understood the need was increasing but they did not want to ramp up production quickly as they wanted to ensure the highest quality genuinely as this is medicine and not a ramping up yield for a profit. Special considerations were taken to maintain purity of plant and grow as natural as possible. Jon gained knowledge and become proficient in hydroponics of various types and growing in soil-less and soil mediums. Jon is learn-id in natural farming and some permaculture aspects and techniques but would be considered a serious student over all. Jon is learn-id in pest and disease management without chemical pesticides and natural farming friendly techniques. They would then take this knowledge and apply it as they ramped up to meet the needs. These are not things a for profit enterprise would do. During the time Jon had diverticulitis he also grew seedless tomatoes and would give anyone who had diverticulitis and could not eat seeds free seedless tomatoes when he had available. Jon became sort of famous for this for awhile and was once mentioned in a Burpee catalog for seedless tomato seeds. During this time they assisted in the managing of the suffering from cancer of all types, aids, lung issues, the occasional injury and the unfortunate terminally ill. The benefit that they obtained from the Jon's work was precious to them and it was sacred to Jon and Deb. It is odd that such a thing can be looked down on. In that moment they would feel freedom fleeting as such a thing should not be need to be hidden. It is understandable that people would think they did this for money as Jon and Deb had significant financial problems but did not use the cannabis for profit. They also paid tax on it as an extra business on their taxes. The following list some aspects of their financial situation. No large screen TV's No fancy anything, Literally a leaking roof into the living room. The driveway needed immediate concrete repair. No vacation trips with expense. Credit card debt mostly due to paying bills from loss of work. The people they were helping were poor and often elderly on fixed incomes. Virtually a true and genuine not for profit enterprise. Deborah worked hard every day that she could but her health began to diminish and they were talking about Deborah going on disability as she could not maintain two work weeks in a row without having to call off due to illness. Then June came. June and the end of an era. In early June, Jon and Deborah was invited to Tennessee to visit an old military friend of Jon's who bought some land. Deborah was feeling well enough to but could not attend due to not having available vacation days from using sick days due to her instability health wise. As a result Deborah did not go but she was excited for Jon to be able to see his old friend. A few days before Jon returned home Deborah passed away. theavettbrothers It is believed at this time that she did not test her blood sugar and took too high a dose of insulin and she went into a diabetic coma and then she passed away. No one but Deborah knew that Jon was on a trip. In part as Jon is a very private person who did not even use a cell phone and that he does not regularly talk with others than Deborah. However, an uncle was informed of Deborah's passing and thought he might pass on the information to a friend of Jon's that he once met and they exchanged contact information. By chance that is where Jon was, with that friend. Jon was informed a few days after Deborah's passing. In part because that no one knew other than Deborah where I was but their was phone records of Jon talking to Deborah from his friends phone from Tennessee and the return plane information was in her purse and on the table by her purse. It was clear where Jon was but this information was ignored. The message to Jon was that Deb died and the police want to speak with him regarding it as would be normal. Jon calls the detective and tells him where he is and that he will visit the police station on his way home. Jon also talks about the cats but no one knows anything about the cats, Jon asks the detective to help determine if they are left alone or if they are in an animal control shelter and Jon did not want a situation to get worse by having the animals put down. The cats would later be found in the house and not well cared for. Deborah's kids put down a lot of food but never changed the cat box nor respected the animals in a manner as she would of have expected. In this, Deborah would also be genuinely disappointed in them. Jon was able to contact his lawn guy to pick him up at the airport and then they went to Jon's home where Jon confirmed that law enforcement knew of the medical grow operation. Jon then went and turned himself in. He would be out within a few hours as the police understood the situation correctly. Jon turned himself in to the Newark police department and was charged with possession of a controlled substance in Tier 5 quantity, second-degree conspiracy and possession of marijuana-related drug paraphernalia. These charges were on the day Deb passed. One Drop Forward - Take my Ganja Away The police department were for their part respectful and professional. They understood the situation and genuinely assisted with the painful process of dealing with the law enforcement side of the issue. This was a welcome surprise and Newark, Delaware police department has Jon's respect and appreciation for the way the whole situation was handled. Additionally the district attorney is be mentioned and thanked as they did their job correctly and saw the situation what it was rather than to go for a hard prosecution. A competent and correct process was followed with a correct outcome that is satisfactory to both parties. Jon would receive no jail time and he will enter the veteran treatment court sometime in January 2018. This is a two year program. Deborah's kids however would unifying act in many incorrect ways towards Jon at this point in time and this was a shocking surprise how they all treated and acted towards him. Jon and the son who was over the estate would later work out an understanding. If it would of been appreciated how they have acted it is not believed Deborah would of managed her final affairs the way she did. The following is some but not all the things they did. Her kids tried to prevent Jon from learning where Deborah's body was. Jon had to shame one of the son's in front of a police officer in order to finally get the mortuary and the time. Initially they only said it would be in the paper tomorrow and that is how they wanted Jon to know. Jon was told that he was not wanted and if he came their would be problems. He was told he was no longer part of the family with hate filled adjectives. Jon said he was coming no matter what and that he did not come back and turn him self in and not see her. He did everything for Deborah and he was going to see his wife one last time. They said they would try to have her cremated that night to prevent Jon from seeing her and they were not going to show the body anyways and would just be ceremonial. Jon gave a speech and at the end of that speech one son did the right thing and went to talk to the others and they arranged for him to have a private moment several hours after the scheduled time long after everyone else would be gone at the literal end of the day. Jon expected to find a locked and closed funeral home but they did keep their word. By them doing this they stole from their mother's voice at the end. Only Jon knew Deborah so close and more of her life as a whole. Jon lived with Deb longer than any other person in her life including each of their children. She was very proud of that and would say it often! By preventing Jon from being able to speak at her funeral by not making it possible for him to be their to do that, they hurt her and her memory for what is real of her and she was far more grande than just a loving mother. They have no idea who their mother truly was and she was glorious in many ways. The kids diminished her biography, history and what she was purposely due to their hate towards Jon. These insults are stated not as a shame to her children but as a lesson and illustration of what not to do for those who may read this. Enough pain, please.. Jon did not see it but he was told by two people who took him to the funeral home that he was mocked as he wept over his wife. Jon was told specifically non of them would be their but all but one was and no one said a word nor illustrated any other reason for being their other to notice and watch Jon. It is not so much the insult to Jon that hurt Jon but the insult towards their mother. It is hard to understand how people can profess their love for an individual but then have such hate towards what they loved and cherished. Many things from the house was missing, destroyed and damaged as the kids had three days in house prior to Jon getting home. It was ransacked via drawers, cabinets and belongings of value and it appears some tried to hide some things from others but that Jon's returned thwarted the theft as some vases that packaged and wrapped and hidden under a sofa and these vases were normally disp. Not really from Jon but from the other siblings. A list of these findings was left for the son who is over the will. A will exist because Jon insisted. Jon is not in the will per his wishes. Jon insisted Deborah put her kids as beneficiary for life insurance. She originally wanted to put only Jon. When they agreed to be a couple Jon said he was with Deborah for her and not her stuff. He meant this even at cost to his own financial betterment. Jon left everything other than what was from their time together and due to their financial status at the time of Debs passing and after the insults and hurtful and attempted emotional inflicting actions Jon suffered by her kids he left with only the bed, couch, tv, computer, some paintings, the chair she died in, a microwave, refrigerator, as many personal pieces of Deb as Jon could get and that was not destroyed or already stolen by some of her kids and not one penny. All Jon asked for was the will "they stole from the house before Jon returned" and a copy of the death certificate for closure. To this date this has not been honored. Jon has done what the family wanted and left. He is no longer part of their lives and the loss of two grandsons who were treated as such since they day they were born are now gone from his life. Jon still views himself as their pap, pap but he knows he is no longer welcome nor wanted, as the parents were very clear. My door, support and heart is always open to those kids. The family business was only discussed not as a shame to her children but as a lesson and illustration of what not to do for those who may read this and find themselves one day in such situations. Stand up and stop the progression of pain during painful family situations in life. Then perhaps healing can begin in its slow but forward direction. After all that has happened to Jon, he lost his wife, his grandsons, his way of life, his home and virtually everything but some clothes and memories it should be understood that while he is devastated Jon is still the same old happy guy as no situation or hardship will change his soul and energies. He has no hate and perhaps is more Buddha in these moments than anything else. Nothing will change Jon, but he does suffer the passing of his wife and the end of an era and the greatest woman he ever knew. Other than writing for cultural healing and life it is unsure what awaits Jon but he does not worry as he knows what ever happens he will do his best and he is a happy soul. Easy Eye Sound - Dan Auerbach - King Of A One Horse Town Cultural Healing and Life Begins. The last gift Deborah bought was a lifetime membership to the us press association as we were about to build this site together, Cultural Healing and Life. Now it is her spirit with me and all those who choose be part of the community that will carry it forward. Cultural Healing and Life is not about cannabis. It is not about Jon and Deborah and they never thought of ever having to really talk on themselves as it has been now. This is intended to be a source to promote genuinely healing about any topic of reason. This is about betterment and certainly it is obviously a more grande idea kind of thing than what we likely create or inspire but it is in the spirit and energy of that and perhaps that will have some kind of a positive effect even if we would fail in one fashion or another. This enterprise is more fate like than anything else for Jon. It is almost like he is watching this happen. This is not a fast endeavor and will take years to build and for it take on its own life other than what we think it will be but in the end I have no idea if this is anything more than a hobby for a guy who talks to much but we hope to make a difference in betterment in some degree. Cultural Healing and Life has no hate towards anyone. We have told our story as to allow you to know who we are and why. We are about learning, understanding, appreciating, caring, healing and living a free and joyous life and it is in that we can find a healthy love of life for ourselves and perhaps a caring existence for all peoples. Jon & Deborah and cultural healing and life hope you join us. It is not about what one brings to the table but that they care and/or have a need. All genuine people are welcome and wanted. No matter how little one might think their contribution might be to a subject. That perspective, view, understanding or what ever it is can and will help others. In that, your contributions are sacred no matter how small one might view it themselves. It is our belief, knowledge should not just simply flow but also be free and we genuinely offer you our sincerest appreciation for sharing with us. Deborah's greatest gift to Jon was that he once only cared about him and her and basically shunned the world. Today, he cares for all and it is in that energy that I close with this and open cultural healing and life. theavettbrothers ~JJ the Gardner, Cultural Healing and Life
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    How to preserve or super saturation of your FPJ, Lactic Acid and any Bacterial input. Needs: Jars with lids, like a mason Jar Wooden stick. Metal may interact poorly with the microbes. Brown Sugar or Jaggery, coconut sugar, cane sugar. Not Molasses as it has too much water content. Instructions: This can be used with LAB, FBJ or any bacteria based inoculant. Add sugar until it begins to settle on top of water Mix well Add more sugar until sugar is floating on top of water Mix well Let sit and settle down look for a tiny ring about a 1/4 of an inch or 6 millimeters on the bottom of jar, the ring is sugar. This is saturation. Add more sugar if no ring is apparent. Mix well Let stand Check for ring of sugar. Continue as necessary until the ring forms at the bottom of the Jar. You can now put the lid on the jar and store until needed. Howto Supersaturate KNF Solutions PureKNF Drake This is a just a great tutorial. While we have instructions on preserving in each of the applicable inputs we thought it would be beneficial to add preserving/supersaturing your bacterial inputs. We hope this helps and as always please support the video makers direct.
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    You have such neat stuff here :) Right up my alley
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    Medical Disclaimer 01 - Personal Energy - Understanding Stress and Our Energies 02 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 1 - Understanding Breathing and Breathing Test 03 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 2 04 - Sleep and its meaning to energy and life Personal Energy - Understanding Stress and Our Energies The Autonomic Nervous System Our personal energies are effected by a large part by stress. We tend to think of stress an invisible thing but stress is actually a physical affect caused by stimulation from both physical and mental/emotional influences. For most of us, our personal energies are not balanced and we suffer from this in ways we likely do not understand or possibly appreciate. The following explains the physical effects that stress inflicts upon us and in so doing we hope the word "stress" begins to have more meaning as in understanding the process, that understanding can give us a measure of control that can have dramatic positive impacts on our lives. We will discuss several topics and for some people they will view some topics as not as important as some other topics. Please understand that each topic is important and acts like a spoke on a wheel. While some topics such as breathing and meditation can offer a more noticeable benefit in a quick period of time while some others do not show or illustrate their benefit as quickly such as nutrition and increased sleep. Please understand, what follows is a skill and can be learned. While perhaps we may have some habits that work against these topics from being utilized effectively as it may impact upon our comfort level such as actually going to sleep for the correct period of time and such as altering our breathing and posture. By gaining an understanding and finding an appreciation for adopting the practices it will positively impact your life energies. The topics that will be discussed are: Understanding the autonomic nervous system (basic is only important but I offer more information), State of Mind, Sleep, Breathing, Meditation, Nutrition, Daily routines that help balance ourselves mentally and physically. Understanding the autonomic nervous system (basic is only important but I offer more information) Before I go into personal energy I think its important to realize and appreciate our two part autonomic systems within us. The sympathetic nervous system The Parasympathetic Nervous System Autonomic Nervous System CrashCourse The sympathetic nervous system The sympathetic nervous system is generally called the flight or fight reflex. It is a stress reflex the basically diverts our bodies energy into the vital processes of our bodies for the moment and shuts down or reduces energy to other parts of the body. Such as if we see a dog and that dog begins to chase us, the sympathetic system sends hormones to receptors that enable us to run as fast and as quickly as possible. This system affects our heart and blood vessels and promotes the areas of our bodies that need it the most, as in the legs for the above dog chase scenario. It also suppresses immunity and overtime with frequency this is a factor that plays a role in us being unhealthy due to reduced immune systems. Your body goes through a number of changes when the sympathetic nervous system is activated. Your heart rate increases The bronchial tubes in your lungs dilate Your pupils dilate Your muscles contract Your saliva production is reduced Your stomach stops many of the functions of digestion More glycogen is converted to glucose However, the sympathetic nervous system can be activated without real world aspects and can be activated such as scary movies, work stress, bad news on tv, personal relationship hardships or just about anything stressful. Unfortunately when this type of stimulation actives our sympathetic reflexes we do not go through the balancing aspect of the physical activity such as running or whatever action would of been applicable. This aspect and negative consequences becomes compounded overtime. What happens is we when we mostly have the stress component activated overtime we become accustomed to this stimulation which then becomes a habit and becomes integrated into the normality of how we live our lives and we develop significant health issues and mental aspects as a result. Often these issues are not noticeable at early stages and leads to many problems we tend to take medications for such as high blood pressure but by understanding that how we live our lives is the root of the cause we can begin to take actions and measures that can truly cure the issue and not hide it via medications. The following is taken from Lyam Thomas Christopher - As I think he sums it best. In summary of the Sympathetic Nervous System is that is provides a valuable service in genuinely emergency situations but since it is easily activated by our modern life style and habits it has become a root instigator into many health and mental issues that affect us today. The doctors will tend to give us medications that do little overall but treat a symptom. We all hear stress is a big issue but we rarely appreciate those words. By understanding this system perhaps we can begin to truly understand and begin to appreciate those words and start to change the cycle that is destroying us. The following tactics can help and we will go into more on each aspect further in their own compilation. Positive state of mind, Meditation, Breathing, Exercise, 7 to 8 hours sleep on a regular basis, Nutrition Detailed information about the Sympathetic Nervous System CrashCourse The Parasympathetic Nervous System The second part of the autonomic system is the parasympathetic nervous system. This is activated when we are typically are rest and relaxing allowing our bodies to use energy in healing and maintenance type of ways. This system is often referred to as the feed and breed system. The parasympathetic system when in balance with the sympathetic system enables us to reduce stress and live healthy mental and physical lives. We often ignore this part of us and we suffer greatly for it. The body undergoes several specific responses when the parasympathetic system is activated. Your saliva is increased Digestive enzymes are released When we are stressed we cannot digest our foods correctly and this causes a reduction in nutritional absorption and health issues overtime. Your heart rate drops When this does not occur due to modern life style and modern stimulation this buildup of increases stress on the affected body parts and overtime create significant health issues. The bronchial tubes in your lungs constrict Your muscles relax The pupils in your eyes constrict Your urinary output increases Regulating sexual arousal Ways to activate the parasympathetic system is to do calming things, from breathing, light exercises, petting a dog or a cat, reading a book, sitting and enjoying the evening, listening to calm music, a soothing bath, taking a walk, gardening, spending time in nature and the list can go on and on. Finding what works for you to that helps calm and sooth you is the answer and possibly to expand on that list to help you manage it with more tools. These methods can assist in activating the parasympathetic system in situations such as work or when other techniques are not practical. Aligning our mental and physical attentions: By bringing our mental state into the physical state (what we are doing now) it can help to reduce stress by simplifying stimulation. Examples: Focus on your feet on the ground or within your shoes Feel the wind upon your face The sun shining on you The saliva in your mouth, how your tongue rests and the warmth and texture of your tongue. Breathing excercises Meditation and muscle relaxation techniques Positive emotion and happy thoughts The more time we spend in the parasympathetic system the better and the sooner we activate this after stimulating the sympathetic system the better for our mental and physical well being. Detailed information on the Parasympathetic Nervous System CrashCourse In Summary By addressing these two parts of our nervous system by understanding how modern life and its stimulation affects us we can begin to take control of our physical and mental health at a root level by simply allowing our bodies to function as intended. As a result we can increase our mental and physical energy levels, our nutritional absorption, our mental states, our immunity and reduce the potential for chronic diseases. It is never too late and the body is remarkable at healing if given the chance. We hope this has given you an understanding of how stress in our lives affects us and that you will begin to take the steps to manage those stresses and become better for it. Credits: crashcourse Lyam Thomas Christopher Professor Kimberlee Bethany Bonura HealthVibed The adrenal fatigue Medical Disclaimer 01 - Personal Energy - Understanding Stress and Our Energies 02 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 1 - Understanding Breathing and Breathing Test 03 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 2 04 - Sleep and its meaning to energy and life A cultural healing and life writing and compilation
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    Medical Disclaimer 01 - Personal Energy - Understanding Stress and Our Energies 02 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 1 - Understanding Breathing and Breathing Test 03 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 2 04 - Sleep and its meaning to energy and life Sleep Sleep like breathing is often something we typically take for granted. However, as in breathing, we often do it wrong and form habits that are detrimental to our daily energies and to our health in ways that we seldom appreciate. Typically this process happens when we are kids. For example, look at young children today and see how wide awake and full of energy they have when they awake, this is in part due to healthy sleep. As children they tend to have bed times on a regular schedule and thus they do not suffer from sleep deprivation or a short sleep. At the same time it is often the desire of the child to stay up late and they will tend to find ways to be able to stay up late at every opportunity. It is in this that we typically begin the process that later will develop into sleep deprivation as we learn to get by with less sleep. Almost as a right of age is that we can stay up as late as we want and for most, the effect of this is dramatic on our energy and our health. The centers for disease control has listed insufficient sleep as a public health epidemic. TEDx Talks The following are just an example of the lures that can keep people from sleeping correctly. Watching late movies, Going out or to parties into early morning hours, Playing video games into late to early morning hours, Working late hours, Economic stresses, Parental aspects, baby and small child, Social aspects, Emotional or physical distress. Finding solutions to address these issues will help eliminate those sleep deprivation aspects and in a short period of time you can begin to enjoy the life you want to enjoy with energy and give yourself the capability to be healthy. We will talk more on that in a bit but first lets discuss the process of sleep. The Sleep Process Understanding our sleep cycle is not just to educate on the issue but to understand what is happening when we sleep. This is important when it comes to addressing negative sleep issues and potentially in our sleep management. The stages of sleep: Stage 1 is light sleep where you drift in and out of sleep and can be awakened easily. In this stage, the eyes move slowly and muscle activity slows. During this stage, many people experience sudden muscle contractions preceded by a sensation of falling. Stage 2, eye movement stops and brain waves become slower with only an occasional burst of rapid brain waves. The body begins to prepare for deep sleep, as the body temperature begins to drop and the heart rates slows. Adults spend nearly half of sleep time in stage 2, Stage 3, (Deep Sleep) extremely slow brain waves called delta waves are interspersed with smaller, faster waves. This is deep sleep. It is during this stage that a person may experience sleepwalking, night terrors, talking during one’s sleep, and bedwetting. These behaviors are known as parasomnias, and tend to occur during the transitions between non-REM and REM sleep. Stage 4, (Deep sleep continues) as the brain produces delta waves almost exclusively. People roused from this state feel disoriented for a few minutes. In both deep sleep stages of 3 and 4 A reduction in sleep drive, and provides the most restorative sleep of all the sleep stages. This is why if you take a short nap (power nap) during the day, you’re still able to fall asleep at night. However if you take a nap long enough to fall into deep sleep, you have more difficulty falling asleep at night because you reduced your need for sleep. Human growth hormone is released and restores your body and muscles from the stresses of the day. Your immune system restores itself. It may be during this stage that the brain also refreshes itself for new learning the following day. In stage 5, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, brain waves mimic activity during the waking state. The eyes remain closed but move rapidly from side-to-side, perhaps related to the intense dream and brain activity that occurs during this stage. Dreams occur at this stage of sleep. Infants spend almost 50% of their time in REM sleep. Adults spend about 20% in REM Older adults spend progressively less time in REM sleep. REM occurs during the second half of sleep. REM sleep typically begins about 90 minutes after you first fall asleep, with the first REM cycle lasting about 10 minutes. Each successive REM cycle last longer, with the final REM stage lasting up to 1 hour. Most people experience three to five intervals of REM sleep each night. Waking may occur after REM. If the waking period is long enough, the person may remember it the next morning. Short awakenings may disappear with amnesia. In the REM period, breathing becomes more rapid, irregular and shallow, eyes jerk rapidly and limb muscles are temporarily paralyzed. Brain waves during this stage increase to levels experienced when a person is awake. Heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, males can develop erections and the body loses some of the ability to regulate its temperature. Younger men often wake up with erections or sometimes referred to as morning wood. The Sleep Cycle The sleep cycle is the period of time it takes a person to progress through the sleep stages however a person does not simply progress from stage 1 to stage 5. There is a gearing up and gearing down sort of like a stick shift in a vehicle. The sleep cycle progress through the stages of non-REM sleep from light to deep sleep, then reverse back from deep sleep to light sleep, ending with time in REM sleep before starting over in light sleep again. This cycle typically repeats 4 to 5 times a night. For example, A typical sleep cycle order looks something like this: Stage 1 (light sleep) – Stage 2 (light sleep) – Stage 3 (deep sleep) – Stage 2 (light sleep) – Stage 1 (light sleep) – REM Sleep After REM sleep, the individual returns to stage 1 of light sleep and begins a new cycle. As the night progresses, individuals spend increasingly more time in REM sleep and correspondingly less time in deep sleep. The first sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes. After that, they average between 100 to 120 minutes spending more time in REM sleep as the cycles progress. Effects of lack of sleep TED-Ed We all are familiar with being sleepy and needing some restful sleep as we have all experienced this need for sleep but outside of being sleepy and perhaps a bit cranky to confused do you really understand what is going on when we miss correct sleep? Sleep and Performance In a study published in 2003 in the Journal of Sleep Research, 66 In a study published in 2003 in the Journal of Sleep Research, They were tested regularly on a psychomotor vigilance task. 66 normal volunteers spent either 3, 5, 7 or nine hours daily time in bed for one week. This was followed by three days of recovery with eight hours daily time in bed for recovery. When people were held to sleep deprivation of either 7 or 5 hours per night performance decreased but then stabilized. This stabilization remained even after 3 days or normal/recovery sleep. The people only getting 3 hours of sleep per night declined in performance over the seven days. Even after three days of recovery in regular sleep, they were still under-performing compared to everyone else. The people getting 9 hours of sleep performed better than everyone else across the week of the experiment. They also continued to perform better even after the sleep-deprived participants got more sleep in a recovery phase The authors of the study concluded that the brain does adapt to chronic sleep restriction, but we adapt at a reduced level of performance. This illustrates that our bodies will adjust to our sleep patterns but with a decrease in performance and it is unlikely that in our day to day functions that we realize this decrease in performance with 5 to 7 hours sleep. It also shows that catching up on sleep does not effectively restore our performance levels. How to Reset your sleep schedule. This will help you restore healthy sleep patterns. Adjust sleep in 15 minute small increments, adjusting no more than 15 minutes earlier every two to three days. This will help your body to adjust to the new schedule. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to properly adjust to your new schedule. Sleep Deprivation Effects Sleep deprivation reduces your ability to make good decisions about sleep. People who consistently get six hours of sleep a night report that they have adapted to function on less sleep. However, actual investigations of their mental alertness and mental performance show that they are suffering the effects of sleep deprivation In terms of efficiency getting sufficient sleep is one of the best health-promoting decisions you can make. Consider the common cold. Adults who sleep fewer than seven hours per night are almost three times more likely to get sick when exposed to a cold virus than adults who sleep eight or more hours a night. Prioritizing eight hours of sleep per night can save you days of productivity lost to sickness Sleep is part of the process that regulates our body’s natural DNA repair. When you don’t sleep, you disrupt the body’s natural healing process, which can make you more susceptible to chronic diseases such as cancer. Sleep deprivation can affect postmenopausal women with breast cancer who routinely sleep less than six hours per night. They may be twice as likely to have more aggressive breast cancers as those who sleep more. Lack of sleep can also make you more susceptible to mental health disorders. In fact, after just 24 hours of sleep deprivation, healthy people exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia, including reduced inhibition, attention deficits, a sensitivity to light color and brightness, an altered sense of smell and time. Lack of sleep can literally create psychological and psychiatric dysfunction. Sleep-deprived people have impaired judgment. One Swedish studies asked people to go shopping twice with a fixed amount of money. When the same people went shopping while sleep deprived. They bought more food overall, and more fatty and unhealthy food options in particular Sleep is also involved in how we learn and remember. In one study, preschoolers worked on a memory game, and then either stayed awake or took a nap that was about an hour and 15 minutes long. Then they played the memory game again. When they stayed awake, they forgot 15 percent of what they learned. When they napped, they remembered everything Sleep also matters for preserving long-term memory. Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health say that interventions to improve sleep quality may help to prevent or slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. how Sleep helps. Sleep helps promote health is through growth hormone which is primarily secreted at night, while you are sleeping In kids, growth hormone is a primary factor in growth. In adults, growth hormone is critical to maintaining and repairing tissues and organs. Sleep also keeps you safe. Consider that a blood alcohol level of 0.08 is considered legally drunk. By 18 hours awake, your alertness level is comparable to someone with a 0.05 alcohol level while not necessarily legally drunk, but certainly tipsy. By 24 hours awake, your alertness level and reflexes are comparable to a .01 alcohol level, which is drunk past the legal limit. Signs of aging, research from University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland shows that people who slept less had more visible signs of aging. Getting enough sleep may make you feel better about what you see in the mirror and that’s going to give you more energy. A moment on sleepy driving, a very deadly and life impacting problem. JoinTheDrive Long term effects We often know in a sense that reduced sleep is not good for us but often when the price is to be paid for this behavior it may be a bit on the side of too little too late in terms of correcting the developed issues, at least in a quick turn. Please appreciate that this damage may stay with us in part for the remainder of our lives depending on the severity. However, it is never too late to return to healthy sleep patterns and begin the process of renewal and healing. From the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention As chronic diseases have assumed an increasingly common role in premature death and illness, interest in the role of sleep health in the development and management of chronic diseases has grown. Notably, insufficient sleep has been linked to the development and management of a number of chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. Diabetes: Research has found that insufficient sleep is linked to an increased risk for the development of Type 2 diabetes. Specifically, sleep duration and quality have emerged as predictors of levels of Hemoglobin A1c, an important marker of blood sugar control. Recent research suggests that optimizing sleep duration and quality may be important means of improving blood sugar control in persons with Type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular Disease: Persons with sleep apnea have been found to be at increased risk for a number of cardiovascular diseases. Notably, hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease and irregular heartbeats (cardiac arrhythmias) have been found to be more common among those with disordered sleep than their peers without sleep abnormalities. Likewise, sleep apnea and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) appear to share some common physiological characteristics, further suggesting that sleep apnea may be an important predictor of cardiovascular disease. Obesity: Laboratory research has found that short sleep duration results in metabolic changes that may be linked to obesity. Epidemiologic studies conducted in the community have also revealed an association between short sleep duration and excess body weight. This association has been reported in all age groups—but has been particularly pronounced in children. It is believed that sleep in childhood and adolescence is particularly important for brain development and that insufficient sleep in youngsters may adversely affect the function of a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which regulates appetite and the expenditure of energy.3 Depression: The relationship between sleep and depression is complex. While sleep disturbance has long been held to be an important symptom of depression, recent research has indicated that depressive symptoms may decrease once sleep apnea has been effectively treated and sufficient sleep restored. The inter-relatedness of sleep and depression suggests it is important that the sleep sufficiency of persons with depression be assessed and that symptoms of depression be monitored among persons with a sleep disorder. Common Sleep Disorders Insomnia: Insomnia is characterized by an inability to initiate or maintain sleep. It may also take the form of early morning awakening in which the individual awakens several hours early and is unable to resume sleeping. Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep may often manifest itself as excessive daytime sleepiness, which characteristically results in functional impairment throughout the day. Before arriving at a diagnosis of primary insomnia, the healthcare provider will rule out other potential causes, such as other sleep disorders, side effects of medications, substance abuse, depression, or other previously undetected illness. Chronic psycho-physiological insomnia (or “learned” or “conditioned” insomnia) may result from a stressor combined with fear of being unable to sleep. Individuals with this condition may sleep better when not in their own beds. Health care providers may treat chronic insomnia with a combination of use of sedative-hypnotic or sedating antidepressant medications, along with behavioral techniques to promote regular sleep. Narcolepsy: Excessive daytime sleepiness (including episodes of irresistible sleepiness) combined with sudden muscle weakness are the hallmark signs of narcolepsy. The sudden muscle weakness seen in narcolepsy may be elicited by strong emotion or surprise. Episodes of narcolepsy have been described as “sleep attacks” and may occur in unusual circumstances, such as walking and other forms of physical activity. The healthcare provider may treat narcolepsy with stimulant medications combined with behavioral interventions, such as regularly scheduled naps, to minimize the potential disruptiveness of narcolepsy on the individual’s life. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS): RLS is characterized by an unpleasant “creeping” sensation, often feeling like it is originating in the lower legs, but often associated with aches and pains throughout the legs. This often causes difficulty initiating sleep and is relieved by movement of the leg, such as walking or kicking. Abnormalities in the neurotransmitter dopamine have often been associated with RLS. Healthcare providers often combine a medication to help correct the underlying dopamine abnormality along with a medicine to promote sleep continuity in the treatment of RLS. Sleep Apnea: Snoring may be more than just an annoying habit – it may be a sign of sleep apnea. Persons with sleep apnea characteristically make periodic gasping or “snorting” noises, during which their sleep is momentarily interrupted. Those with sleep apnea may also experience excessive daytime sleepiness, as their sleep is commonly interrupted and may not feel restorative. Treatment of sleep apnea is dependent on its cause. Gentle air pressure administered during sleep (typically in the form of a nasal continuous positive airway pressure device) may also be effective in the treatment of sleep apnea. As interruption of regular breathing or obstruction of the airway during sleep can pose serious health complications, symptoms of sleep apnea should be taken seriously. Treatment should be sought from a health care provider. If other medical problems are present, such as congestive heart failure or nasal obstruction, sleep apnea may resolve with treatment of these conditions. Sleep management Naps can be a good way to boost your energy. Different naps have different purposes, and you should choose a nap based on what you need. A 90-minute nap clears the brain’s short-term memory storage and helps make room for you to learn new information. A 20-minute power nap primarily helps to boost alertness. A German study has found that a micro-nap as short as six minutes may help boost your memory Making up for lost sleep? Some people try to make up for limited sleep during the week by sleeping in on the weekends. That strategy has downsides. One research study found that the greater your average daily variation in wake-up time, the higher your body-fat percentage. People who have less than 30 minutes variation in their wake-up time have, on average, 6 percent less body fat than people who have 2 hours or more difference in their wake-up time. If you just try to clear your schedule and go to bed early one night, that can also backfire. Some sleep researchers state that it is easier to stay up an hour past your bedtime than it is to go to bed 15 minutes before your normal bedtime. If you are trying to get more sleep, you may need to move your bedtime up. Move your bedtime gradually, in 15-minute increments. That gives your body time to adjust and build a habit of rest Banking sleep. While you can’t really catch up on missed sleep, you might be able to bank it occasionally. If you have a work project coming up or a social outing that will require you to skimp on shut-eye, stock your sleep bank in advance by getting more sleep than normal. This will allow you to perform at a higher level even on limited sleep. Use this approach as a sleep emergency fund. It shouldn’t be your regular approach to sleep, but it’s good to know you can save up rest and have enough energy when you need it. Resetting sleep schedules. Adjust sleep in 15 minute small increments, adjusting no more than 15 minutes earlier every two to three days. This will help your body to adjust to the new schedule. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to properly adjust to your new schedule. Overcoming Sleep Barriers Disconnect: Another common sleep barrier is social interests and entertainment. The world is plugged in 24/7, and it’s hard to unplug when there are so many things to see and do and watch. This stimulation can keep you awake. Health and life Stresses: Health and life struggles with emotional or physical challenges that interrupt sleep can be a significant sleep barrier. These are challenges that will affect both your rest and your sleep, and you will have to identify personal adaptations to make rest possible. Professional help may be required. Mattress and Pillow. The physical condition of your sleep space matters: Evaluate how you sleep, where you experience pain, and your preferred sleep position to find the preferred mattress for you. Your pillow matters too. The type of pillow is going to depend on the position you prefer for sleeping. A good chiropractor or physical therapist can likely make recommendations about a pillow. Click for a video, not a mattress endorsement but a good video.(any good mattress that fits your sleep style is great) Routine is key. The lack of a consistent sleep routine can also disrupt sleep: The simplest way to improve your sleep quality is to build a consistent routine, both for life in general and for sleep in particular. It works for kids, and research shows that it works for adults. The light affect. In terms of your schedule, be aware of the effect of light of your sleep: Light in the day is good for your sleep. Light at bedtime and during the night is bad for your sleep. Blue light helps awaken and alert the brain. A study in the journal of Sleep Medicine reported that nighttime light exposure led to shallower sleep and more mini-arousal's. Waking up during sleep. Another common barrier to sleep is stress about sleep itself. For instance, you may have anxiety about waking up during the night: It can help to learn that waking up at night is completely normal. In fact, bimodal and segmented sleep is not unusual. A normal night’s sleep includes many mini-arousals that last only a few seconds; there can be as many as 3 to 15 per hour. Sometimes, especially as we get older and under stress, these mini-arousals may be full-on wake-ups, which can lead to sleep stress. Working on our anxiety about sleep itself can go a long way to helping us sleep better in spite of the mini-arousals. A study from Northwestern University found that when insomniacs practiced yoga for 15 to 20 minutes per day, twice per day for two months, they spent less time awake at night. Avoid large meals: Avoid large meals 2-3 hours before bed. Eating a snack before is ok. Easily digestible foods such as fruit is recommended. It forces your organs such as liver and pancreas to work at a time they should rest. In addition, if the caloric intake of a meal exceeds the amount you need for energy you will store this energy as you are unable to work or exercise this energy off. Eating at bed can also cause heartburn and this can lead to other health issues besides problematic sleeping. Exercising near bedtime can wake you up: Exercise can stimulate us and keep us awake. Exercise 2 hours before bed. Sleep Disorder struggles: If you consistently struggle with sleep quality and insomnia, a sleep-improvement program can be valuable. Your doctor can likely refer you to a sleep specialist. Some mental health providers specialize in behavioral sleep training. There are also online tools that can help. Such as an online sleep training program, which combines cognitive behavioral strategies with practical tools like sleep logs and progress charts. Summary Sleep is as most things one of the aspects of life that we tend to take for granted. We tend to believe we manage sleep with our life schedule but the reality is that sleep manages us and enables us to be at a level that is linked by our hours of restful sleep. We typically diminish our capabilities in this way without even knowing it. This aspect is rarely appreciated. This affect us physically, mentally and emotionally and can be a significant factor in all problematic areas. Without a charged and healthy battery, we do not function well nor efficient. Often we believe sacrificing sleep is a necessary aspect of life when we have responsibilities but we often fail to see the big picture and suffer the long term cost of our health. We may suffer for our families and responsibilities now but by not giving ourselves healthy restful sleep we will deny our families and fail at our responsibilities later in life as the repercussions of long term sleep deprivation affects begin. We owe it to not just ourselves but those we love and care about, to our responsibilities and we need to not just teach these lessons and aspects of life to our children but mold them in a way that they have this understanding and appreciation instilled in them that it becomes a core value and perhaps happier and healthier families will result. Sleep well my friends, sleep well! Credits Professor Kimberlee Bethany Bonura centers for disease control http://www.sleepdisordersflorida.com/pvt1.html https://www.sleepadvisor.org/eat-just-before-bed-risks/ https://www.tuck.com/stages/ https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/healthy-sleep/health-risks/the-effects-of-sleep-deprivation JoinTheDrive https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/discomfort-15/better-sleep/adjust-sleep-cycle?page=1 http://www.centerforsoundsleep.com/sleep-disorders/stages-of-sleep/ https://www.everydayhealth.com/sleep/insomnia/resetting-your-clock.aspx Medical Disclaimer 01 - Personal Energy - Understanding Stress and Our Energies 02 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 1 - Understanding Breathing and Breathing Test 03 - Personal Energy - Energy and Stress Management - Breathing Part 2 04 - Sleep and its meaning to energy and life ~A Cultural Healing and Life Compilation
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    Don't laugh but when I was younger if I had problems sleeping I would try the old idea of counting sheep jumping over a fence . This was not very effective as it kept my brain far too active , thinking what the sheep might look like , the type of fence and how high it was . I did find that simply counting my out breaths was far better . The counting helps stop the stressful thoughts of the day from creeping back and I had no distracting picture in my brain . This allowed me too drift off to sleep a lot easier and quicker . Don't concentrate that much on keepin track of the score , it's just the simple motion of counting your out breaths that is the soothing and effective part , oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ............. twwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwo ......... etc . If you forget what number your on , or you score starts too get too high ( thinking too hard ) say reaching 20 or 30 , no biggie , just start at happy go lucky one again : )
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    I have been trying to concentrate on nose breathing while sleeping at night . I normally start sleeping in the recovery position but usually one nostril blocks this way , so I find it better to start by lying on my back first . It's easier to nose breath this way as both nostrils stay clear then . After a minute or two when my breathing settles I then turn over onto my side as my nose breathing is much slower and relaxed by then . I haven't needed to use the micropore tape as I just use the suction grip of my tounge on the roof of my mouth to hold my mouth closed . I place my tounge in position at the roof of my mouth and then suck / swallow / remove all the excess saliva and air out . This does the trick nicely and locks everything in place . Add some belly breathin into the mix and I am usually out like a light before I even get a chance to turn around on to my side : )
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    It is an honor and privilege! More to come within a few days
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    Breathing threw my nose , I would never have thought such a simple thing would have such a positive affect on me , it is very calming . This should be taught to us from a young age , at least I know better now
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    Wow , this has really helped me understand myself a lot better , thankyou : )
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    Big hugs hun, you have the memories and no one can change that.
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    Today is the anniversary of Deborah's passing. Soon I will write part two of this story and tell of the happenings of the last year! I offer these songs by the Avett Brothers. I celebrate Deborah and while I miss her she lives on in that celebration and within my heart and in my soul. We are still, as always one. Deb's loving husband, Jon
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    Fishmonger who released 70-lb octopus back into the ocean says he'd do it again By Michael Bartiromo | Fox News http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/05/24/fishmonger-who-released-70-lb-octopus-back-into-ocean-says-hed-do-it-again.html The folks at Giovanni’s Fish Market in Morro Bay, which is owned by Giovanni “Gio” DeGarimore, announced last week that DeGarimore purchased an especially large octopus from a fisherman for the sole purpose of releasing it back into the sea — and now he tells Fox News he'd do it again. “I can’t be a savior to everything, so I had to pick one thing and do what I can," DeGarimore tells Fox News. To that end, DeGarimore says he intended to release the 70-pound octopus into Morro Bay "without much fanfare," but an employee snapped a pic and shared the story to Facebook. “Meet Fred,” read the posted shared to the fish market's Facebook page, along with the picture of “Fred” in a basin of water. “As you may or may not know, Gio has taken a moral position to no longer support the sales of ANY Octopus products. While it might seem strange, we think it's actually pretty cool,” the message continued. DeGarimore told the San Luis Obispo Tribune that, even though he makes his living selling fish, he’s become more conflicted about octopus over the last 10 years or so, and especially after a recent diving expedition in which he “played a game of hide and seek for 15 minutes” with a playful cephalopod. He also told Fox News that the last straw came a few months back, after witnessing a live octopus being butchered at a sushi restaurant. "That's what made me take a stance," he said, adding that Fred himself was likely destined for the same fate. So when DeGarimore was offered the chance to purchase the 70-pounder, he forked over a few hundred in order to save the “beautiful animal.” The purchase came just a few months after DeGarimore made the decision to stop selling octopuses from his shop althogether — a decision he explains on the store's website. "Financially, it doesn't make sense, but I had to stand for something," DeGarimore told Fox News. "If I get the opportunity [to free another octopus] again, I definitely will." DeGarimore released Fred into Morrow Bay on Thursday, and says his decision has been met with "99 percent" positive reactions from customers, and Facebook commentators largely agreed.
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    It has taken me 5 times coming back to read this, I simple could not read through the tears. My heart goes out to you more then you can know. I wish I could give you a hug in person.
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    Building them up : ) I had had to go with wire nails , as I could not get screws thin enough , we shall see if they last , if not I can beef them up later : )
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    I have enough wood for 5 boxes and three lids so I can leave two and when I come back a week later I can exchange for another two ( cycle ) the extra box I shall experiment with ( holes etc ) i got 3 lids too , two for the coming home boxes to protect the contents and the spare I shall put on my experimental box , to see if I get a good collection with a wooden lid instead of paper towel If it works with a wooden lid that means no anti animal cage would be required and it would make them more rain proof ( easier to set up on site )
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    Nails or screws are fine. I like screws for better stability over time. The boxes get bumped and moved and with cheap nails can become flimsy but this is not an issue if box is not in danger of falling apart, I speak more out of caution than practical issue that I have seen. Remember to leave a bit of a gap on the bottom as to help facilitate easier microbe movement to the rice food source but they can travel through the wood no problem anyways. I speak on that due to Chris Trumps advice. I have no gaps in the ones I had and worked as it should! Making the box is a neat thing as it makes it more personal and feels more you did this than if bought. Bravo!!!!
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    Just got my cedar in the post for my boxes , the wood smells lovely lol ? going to use metal nails or screws to assemble them I think ? Or should I use wooden dowels and some wood glue ? Im thinking screws will grip better and help keep the box from warping / twisting over time and if I need to fix the boxes for any reason , the screws will allow for easy dismantle i shall see what the finest thin one inch screws the shop sells and if there is nothing suitable I shall use fine gripper type nails ( like normal nails only ribbed for extra wood pleasure lol ) : )
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    Natural Farming Inputs Introduction to Natural Farming LAB - Lactic Acid Bacteria FPJ - Fermented plant juice Seawater, Fermented Seawater, Bio Mineral Water Vinegar OHN - Oriental Herbal Nutrient WCA - Water Soluble Calcium WCAP - Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate FFJ - Fermented Fruit Juice FAA - Fish Amino Acids S.E.S. - Seed and Seedling Treatment IMO to IMO2 IMO 3 IMO 4 & Liquid IMO IMO 5 Preserving bacterial based inputs Input - Section 1 - LAB or Lactic acid bacteria LAB is one of the easiest inputs to make and I consider it a great start in learning to make natural farming inputs. Its uses are wide ranging and can be typically within 5 to 7 days total processing and it can be finished for either refrigerated storage or room temperature storage. I invite you to learn more about this easy to make product and put the power of nature of nature and bring the power of a natural probiotic for plants and super composting aid for soils and medias that give you a gardening superpower. Updated/Added to this section on 6/22/20 - Non Animal Product LAB Recipe. I have not realized I had not presented a non dairy alternative to making LACTO. Today is a good day as that error has been corrected. I will try to do better in the future but this tutorial is so good it is certainly a better late than never addition. We warmly and eagerly consider all input to any section. My deepest respects to Fabio from Italy for bringing this to our attention. Making Probiotics /Lacto without "Whey" "No Dairy" I highly recommend viewing each of the following two videos and clicking the links below for the manual and the applications links at a minimum. Healthy Roots and Strong Wings Recipe for "Advanced Technique" as shown in the video above. To Make 6 Liter / 1.5 gallon bottle: Organic Brown Rice 600g / 4-cups, Organic Sea Salt 60g / 1/4 cup, Organic Brown Sugar 180g / 3/4 cups, (Mineral) Water 6000ml 1.5 gallons. To Make 1,5 Liter bottle / 50/51 ounces / 6.3 cups / .4 gallon Organic Brown Rice 150g / 3/4 cup Organic Sea Salt 15g / 2.5 teaspoons Organic Brown Sugar 45g / 1/4 cup Mineral Water 1500ml / 50/51 ounces / 6.3 cups / .4 gallon Some tools you will need: A wide funnel measuring cups or a kitchen scale PH paper (not necessary but still nice) To continue brewing after your LACTO Probiotics are done: You can use the same rice that you have used if you just ad the following ingredients: For 6 Liter bottle: Add half of the original amount of salt - 30 grams (in stead of the original 60gr) Add 2/3 of the original amount of sugar - 120 grams (in stead of the original 180) Add clean pure water as before For 1,5 Liter bottle: Add half of the original amount of salt - 7.5 grams (in stead of the original 15gr) Add 2/3 of the original amount of sugar - 30 grams (in stead of the original 45) Add clean pure water as before Additional wealth of shared knowledge from Healty Roots and Strong Wings There also is a blogpost about this tutorial on their website: For further direct discussion on their tutorial. Healthy Roots and Strong Wings For more information on this great and easy product to enhance your life and others please check the official LACTO-LIFE website: Lacto-life Click this link to go straight to the "LACTO-LIFE MANUAL": This is a must see step by step with graphics and instructions. Lacto Manual Applications for Lacto. Lacto Applications and Uses Bonus Video Lacto-Life I, JJ the Gardener personally like this process and will begin to use this in my next lacto creation. I specifically like how this process allows the gardener to reuse the rice over and over with additional inputs at lower levels for around 10 times. I do not know how it could get any more inexpensive and user friendly. Additionally, I intend to utilize this in place I would use fermented water or sea water. I can see this is an easy to use in a foliar spray method to assist in brix management in some situations/crops. Please, if you find this information helpful and you wish to contribute in a monetary or other ways to the video. Please use the links associated above to contribute directly to the video creator. We are not connected. The Following is LACTO made with Dairy Products. It is my pleasure that I welcome the instruction of Chris Trump as he has effective teaching skills that I feels does it best. If he has helped you please support Chris Trump directly as he is not associated with this compilation. https://www.patreon.com/christrump - Korean Natural Farming How to : LAB - https://www.patreon.com/christrump :22 - Preparing rice water. :40 - Preparing container and starting process. 1:02 - Length to make and finishing signs. 1:35 - Benefits of Lab 2:02 - Adding milk & percent to mix (1 to 10 parts of milk ratio) 2:58 - Readying jar and finishing time 3:23 - 48 Hour later and lab serum is ready to be separated 3:49 - Uses of curds - - Click for cheese video from Chris. 4:02 - Tools to separate and the processing of lab serum from curds 8:10 - Storage of LAB for refrigerator and for room temperature storage. This is an outstanding and highly instructional video on Lactobacillus by OneDrive, click below to see at youtube. University of Hawaii PDF on LAB This LAB recipe is from Master Cho, click to visit his site Lactic acid bacteria are anaerobic microorganisms. In the absence of oxygen, they break sugar into lactic acid. LAB is very effective in improving ventilation of air in the soil, promoting rapid growth of fruit trees and leaf vegetables. Materials / ingredients needed Rice-washed water Milk (unprocessed and not boiled) Jagerry / Brown sugar Clay jar / glass jar Porous paper (paper towel) Rubber band / thread HOW TO MAKE LAB FROM MILK ? Put rice-washed water 15 to 20 cm deep in a jar. Cover the mouth of the jar with handmade paper and leave in shade. Lactic acid bacteria will propagate at 23 to 25 C, and the solution will start to smell sour. Add this rice water to milk. The ideal ratio between milk and rice water is 3:1 ratio. Milk in the market pasteurized in low temperature is okay. But sometimes, milk brought from the stores will not be effective. The best milk to be used is the milk from cows. Since milk has more nutrients than the rice-washed water, lactic acid bacteria will grow vigorously. In 3 to 4 days, the jar will have three divided layers a) floating matter b) clear liquid and c) debris (waste). Starch, protein and fat will float on the surface and yellow liquid will be deposited at the middle, this is called as Lactic acid bacteria .The waste will be deposited in the bottom of the container. Remove the floating substance, strain and save the yellow liquid and store in a separate bottle and keep in cool and shaded place or in a refrigerator. HOW TO USE LAB ? The basic dilution ratio is 1:1000. LAB reinforces the ability of anabolism of microbes living on the plant stem and leaf, a condition that arose from the abuse of insecticides and fungicides. When using LAB alone, it is more effective to use it with FPJs. Fields will recover fertility and the soil will become soft and fluffy if IMO mixed with LAB is sprayed on the field. Use LAB (1:500) with FPJ (1:300) as drinking water for livestock, to recover their digestive function. LAB is extremely effective in making fruits and leaves large, but the amount of LAB used should be reduced while approaching the later stages. If the LAB is used together with mixed compost or IMO, the fermentation process occurs fast, leading to very effective results. The LAB function is to prevent the fermented mixed compost from decaying. USES OF LAB The Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) is very effective for improving soil ventilation and for growing fruits and leafy vegetables. The initial growth of the plant, when LAB is used during the vegetative growth period of fruiting vegetables, higher quality plants will result, and may be kept for longer periods, in storage. LAB increases the solubility of the fertilizer. LAB can reduce damage from gas through neutralizing ammonia gas produced where the immature compost is applied. LAB is conditionally anaerobic, so they can also survive with oxygen. LAB is resistant to high temperatures. LAB is strong sterilizer. LAB is used to culture IMO-3. LAB solubilizes phosphate in 100-200 ppm (parts per million) (100-200ml of LAB in 1000ml of water). Using LAB in phosphate-accumulated soil will increase its capacity to absorb the insoluble form of phosphates and help overcome the saline disorder as a result of decomposition of the phosphates. LAB has power to resistance to some fungi. HOW TO STORE LAB ? Keep the refined LAB serum at cool temperature, so for longer period where there is temperature change (1-15°C ). No storage under direct sunlight. In order to keep LAB at a normal temperature it must be mixed with the same amount of brown sugar and stirred with a wooden stick (ladle). Note: Using rice-washed water in obtaining lactic acid bacteria is to collect stronger ones. Only strong ones can survive in poor nutrients condition like rice washed water. Another excellent LAB making video The following videos below are from Good Karma Aquaponic - Click icon to visit their site and support them direct. How to make EM-1 Lactobacillus Serum "AKA" LABS part 1 Good-Karma Aquaponics - How to make EM-1 Lactobacillus Serum "AKA" LABS part 1 How to make EM-1 Lactobacillus Serum part 2 Good-Karma Aquaponics - How to make EM-1 Lactobacillus Serum part 2 How to make EM-1 Lactobacillus Serum part 3 Good-Karma Aquaponics - How to make EM-1 Lactobacillus Serum part 3 I hope you find LAB useful and we would love to hear of your experiences, good and bad as in that we all learn a bit more! I also hope that this is a rewarding step for those new to natural farming inputs and leads to more. Motivational Thanks While I have promoted the person, organization and company that made these videos and information available this enterprise is not for profiting and is made as a labor of love and thus I ask if desired that you support them directly. I list them like this out of respect. ~ Cultural Healing and Life The motivation to write this was from a guy who fishes who asked some natural farming questions, for this I thank him as it was needed and kept putting off! ~ Cultural Healing and Life A song for you! Credits Cho's Global Natural Farming Master Cho Lacto-Life Healthy Roots and Strong Wings Chris Trump Good-Karma Aquaponics OneDrive University of Hawaii Grace Vanderwaal & America's Got Talent Natural Farming Inputs Introduction to Natural Farming LAB - Lactic Acid Bacteria FPJ - Fermented plant juice Seawater, Fermented Seawater, Bio Mineral Water Vinegar OHN - Oriental Herbal Nutrient WCA - Water Soluble Calcium WCAP - Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate FFJ - Fermented Fruit Juice FAA - Fish Amino Acids S.E.S. - Seed and Seedling Treatment IMO to IMO2 IMO 3 IMO 4 & Liquid IMO IMO 5 ~A Cultural Healing and Life Compilation
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    the added sugar stops the process and stabilizes it. That is a great question and I cannot find a definitive answer and I have no experience with that as I kept in refrigerator. I suggest using the same dilution rates. I will try to find a more experienced answer. I believe it will be the same as in nothing can I find mention other than to stabilize it but nothing if a change in dilution rates. Use on something stinky and if not effective make more concentrated until effective and then use those dilution rates.
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    If I have 1 kg of lab serum and I add 1 kg of brown sugar , then I have 2kg of brown sugar lab serum mix , so my volume is now greater but the lab concentration stays the same ?
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    The ratio is the same for use regardless if adding sugar or not. It does not affect volume but by adding in the brown sugar you stabilize it. Refrigerating does the same but you dont need to put in more sugar if kept in fridge. I always kept mine in the fridge but I do not believe the extra sugar is an issue as it is a balance but I am not speaking on experience with that one. Keep it coming, your questions are spot on!
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    The ratios for using lab are the same weither it has been mixed with brown sugar or kept pure in the fridge does adding brown sugar double my volume in lab while also keeping it at the same concentration ? also if I mix it with brown sugar and then use it as a spray will the surface be all sticky ,and attract insects and dirt etc or does the lab make the brown sugar mix non sticky ? is there a time or situation when the brown sugar mix is more effective than the pure ? ( I am thinking the brown sugar lab mix for the garden and the fridged lab for the home ) ? sorry for all the questions , I am probably thinking too much : )
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    no on freezing but if you keep in refrigerator it will last about 6 months to a year. You can add sugar and keep it stable at room temperature. Add equal amounts of brown sugar and mix. (remember no metal stir or containers as it reacts badly.)
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    Yes I am all pleased with myself : ) The first job for the LAB is my outside food bin , I might as well throw them in at the deep end lol a great test haha I am not going to do anything with the curds this time , due to the small amount but I shall make a bigger batch of LAB next time , then I shall definatly be making some cheese from the curds : )
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    This made my day! I will soon be making some lab myself. Just got done working out which biochar design I will use and a few other odds and ends and i will start making inputs. Thank you for documenting your lab journey! I am sure it will lead to other great things. Now go out and see what all lab can do. After diluting for use, spray any where stinky. I love it for about anywhere and on anything and in growing when mixed with other inputs it becomes part of something greater! Any plans for the curds? A bit of a smile. The Muppets - The Ballad of Beaker Congratulations and we appreciate the sharing!
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    12 hours later ( kept in dark and room temp ) the curd is less and the L.A.B volume is greater Here is a pic of it ready for the fridge And a a pic of the curds : ) This was easy , and fun to make : )
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    Hi , we have a winner : ) the 1/10 jar on the right looks perfect , the other on the left is still very milky looking ( 2/3 jar ) the 2/3 jar that is milky still smells slightly sweet , but the perfect looking 1/10 jar on the right now smells fishy but not as strong as when it smelt sour tho The yellow liquid in the middle is what we are after , very cool indeed : ) The milk used for this was regular semi skimmed supermarket bought milk Here is a pic of the curds on the top : ) So so between the sweet and sour smell ........... sour smell won
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    I very much appreciate that. It was an honor I consider it done now. I am sure I have a ton of edits grammatically and such but substance I think I got it all down. We were great together and will still be so spirit, energy and all that she melded into me.
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    You were privileged to be with her and her you , a beautiful woman : )
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    So an update for today : ) A light sediment has formed at the bottom of the jars but it still looks like milk , although it looks like they are about to change Yesterday when I took the paper lids off the jars , I was hit with a slap in the face sour smell , really strong from the 1/10 jar and the 2/3 jar had a stronger sweet smell too . So if your sense of smell isn't that great just pop the paper lids off to smell each day ( be carefull your nose doesn't touch the rim of the jar , who knows what crazyness is on there ? ) Also it was hard to pour all of the 1/10 jar of anoculated rice wash into the new clean jar ready for the milk , as the sediment was too close to the wash and it was hard to keep the sediment out of the clean jar when pouring . Next time I shall fill the jars up to just over a third with rice wash for anoculating , the 2/3 jar was way easier to manage when pouring : ) big day tomorrow : )
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    So it has been 5 days since I made the rice wash and put it into two separate clean jam jars : ) One jar was filled up to the 2/3 mark with rice wash , the other jar was just filled up to the 1/10 ish mark and both were given paper towel lids with elastic bands The jars were placed in a dark cupboard in a bedroom and checked daily for smell ( nose over paper towel ) , room temp is 22 max day temp and 17 nite temp At day 3 a light brown sediment formed at the bottom of the jars with a white gloop sitting on top of the sediment , then the rice wash ( no film on top of rice wash yet ) No smell yet from either jars , just the paper towel smell At day 4 a very slight film has formed on the tops of the rice wash , more on the 1/10 jar and the 1/10 jar also smells slightly sweet but just a hint , where as the 2/3 jar still smells of paper towel lol At day 5 ( to day ) the film on the top is getting more noticeable , the 1/10 jar has a stronger sweetish cheesey baby milk sick type smell, and the 2/3 jar smells just slightly sweet It seems that the less rice wash you put in the jar , the quicker it gets anoculated I shall get two clean jars today and add 1/10 of the new jars volume of anoculated rice wash and then add the milk ( keeping both separate ) , so as to see what's best for me ( slight sweet smell or stronger cheesey sweetish baby sick milk smell ) both shall get the paper towel lids and get put back into the dark cupboard fingers crossed : ) cheers ifish
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    Very Nice write up. I have been mixing good soil for about 20 years and love the medium. As growing is my hobby i spent the last few years expermenting with coco and just recently went to rockwool. I am sure i will return to mixing good (warm) soil as the plants love it. Thanks for a great write up.
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    Very soon I will be in the right mind and do it. It is a great biography. Might be hard to believe but is true. Making progress. Today is the one month mark since she passed. today is July 20th.
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