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  2. Contemporary Modern Architecture Furniture Lighting Interior Design Home & Apartment Indoor & Outdoor Design Decor Ideas


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      Great ideas, thanks for sharing it with us 

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  6. got an update, sorry no pics at this time from our friends fighting the good fight. The infected mother plant is progressing positively and a clone did root from the mother. While only one clone compared to many the clones is not a good ratio but the material used was not ideal. Positive steps forward and as this clone grows and has the mother improves we hope to achieve true positive results by using Chlorine Dioxide. CL02
  7. Current Chlorine Dioxide Use Some independent workings going on in Spain using Chlorine Dioxide to clean a plant of this viroid. It is being administered via foliar spray. Records are being kept and pending on the outcome more detailed information will be given. Thus far it appears to be working but it will take some time. The infected plant is a mother and is a set of clones. A positive lab test for the viroid was indicated for the mothers. Once it is felt the viroid is clean, a new lab test will be done to prove or disprove the viroid's removal or if it
  8. Bio Security Systems Bio Security is a program that brings together pest, mold/mildew, bacteria/virus/viroid - disease into an encompassing program. I can speak at serious length on bio security but then I would lose people with too much information. So I will discuss simply but effectively explaining. Bio Security is typically an issue for midsized grow operations to the home grower often due to two several reasons. One is cost. Typically a grow operation is ineffectively funded and further still this is often due to an ineffective appreciation of bio security by th
  9. Bio Security - Hop latent viroid (HpLVd) Hemp and Cannabis Bio-Security (HpLVd) I always found growing like being a sea captain. Which I know nothing about really but my point is this. In growing it is your job to bring to harvest quality and yield and a good part of nature is against you. To be an effective grower you have to know how to navigate those problems just as a sea captain has to learn to read and operate in heavy and unfriendly waters to the calmest. The HLVd (Hop latent viroid) in growing is like hearing an old sea captain talk about a
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  11. Racism or Bad Management in the workplace. I find this songs line fits and the tone is smack on for me anyways. Charles Bradley - Why Is It So Hard (Live on KEXP) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3I2GFN_F8WudD_2jUZbojA The following is my attempt to speak on my perspective of the issue. It is just my opinion and some reasons for it. Now please remember, this is just one perspective and merely is like one cricket amongst the noise of a forest of crickets. Some parts might seem great and for this perspective may be but perhaps when viewed
  12. Business to business (B2B) companies are different from business to customer (B2C) companies, so it makes sense that their marketing, advertising, website design, etc. will be different from B2C versions. Yet, themes are something that will be important for both types of companies.

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  14. 3 years ago my Deborah entered into the light! I miss you so very much and I am so grateful and thankful for the time I was blessed to be with you. Your loving Husband, Jon Bailey.
  15. Definition VPN A VPN is not anything greater than a whole virtual private network. Going a bit deeper, it's miles a community era that lets in a relaxed extension of a neighborhood LAN-kind community, which locates on a public community, which includes the Internet. In this manner, computer systems or devices which can be connects to the [VPN] network can ship and acquire data over the Internet with personal or public device, as though they have been doing it within a private network, with all of the security privileges that this involves.
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