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  1. I have sleep apnea, but also extremely claustrophobic, so I can't wear a mask. Instead I elevate my head, and that works well. I'm not sure if it mentioned red light, but that is suppose to help us to sleep, avoiding the light from the phone, TV, pute, hours before bed time. I see it mentioned light, blue and is it white? That keeps our brains active. I have to keep reading, this is fascinating, have to share with a few patients who have issues. Amazing that we can not actually recover that lost sleep. I've read where cannabis can keep you from falling into REM sleep? I sleep so well under the oil but I don't know if I ever actually have REM sleep, I am always fatigued no matter how much I sleep.
  2. Great post, so important to get enough sleep, it affects our health dramatically.
  3. It has taken me 5 times coming back to read this, I simple could not read through the tears. My heart goes out to you more then you can know. I wish I could give you a hug in person.
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