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Instead of shaming them, this woman stepped up and helped 2 boys about to break the law

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Instead of shaming them, this woman stepped up and helped 2 boys about to break the law


Click for a video on youtube, we all deserve a happy ending!


Originally written by: Hope Schreiber  Writer  Yahoo Lifestyle June 12, 2018



Instead of letting the children fail, or shaming them, one Twitter user stepped into a situation to help two young boys.

Nanasia Music posted a thread onto her Twitter account detailing how she stepped up and possibly saved two black boys from a police encounter.

It was her way to pay it forward and to help the young boys the same way someone helped her when she was younger.


Nanasia begins her story by approaching the two boys who were trying to steal from a Walmart. Instead of talking down to them she chose to help instead.


While it was a simple act of kindness, it obviously meant a lot to the boys.

It also speaks volumes about how we never truly know another person’s struggles. These boys were just 13 and 14 years old, barely even teenagers. They had lost their mother and felt guilty asking their grandmother for a product they needed.


Of course, the security guard who was following the boys was not happy with her interference.

Ma’am he gave me a look of such anger like I took a notch off his belt that day I smiled and said not today not today u can’t have them https://t.co/60qTKangAf

— Silent but Loud (@NanasiaMusic) June 11, 2018


For Nanasia, this was just the way she grew up. She believes in guiding youth in the right direction, not waiting for them to mess up. Young people should be led in the right way when they need to be corrected, or in this case when they need help.

I’m just from the generation where adults didn’t pull out camera phones and tape the demise of a young blk male… they took the time to step in before it got way out of line … somebody did it for me so it was only right to redirect them ….

— Silent but Loud (@NanasiaMusic) June 11, 2018


Even Walmart tweeted her, cheering on her good deed.




These two black kids were stealing out of Walmart Security was watching them So I told them whatever you got in your pockets right now walk with me to the register and don’t question me I copped the deoderant they were about to steal for them I couldn’t let them go to jail...

Be the person you needed when you were younger 🙌🏾




We offer this video by the Strumbellas, NanasiaMusic is a hero to me and we at cultural healing and life respect her and her actions.  She illustrates how we as a society should help heal our society instead of furthering suffering.

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