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Cultural Healing and Life

Inputs - Section 11 - IMO 3 Cultivated Indigenous Microorganisms

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Natural Farming Inputs


Inputs - Section 11

IMO 3 Cultivated Indigenous Microorganisms

IMO 3 is essentially a concentrated stock of cultivated indigenous microorganisms that is then placed into a dormancy state that can be furthered processed into liquid IMO and imo 4. 


IMO 3 with Chris Trump

photo.jpgChris Trump - IMO #3 (part 1) with Chris Trump. 


This is a short video about the finishing/end day of IMO #3. If you using this method then this is a great little informative section on what IMO3 looks like as it finishes.  By Chris Trump.

photo.jpgChris Trump - How to : IMO 3 (Part 2) with Chris Trump


Materials for IMO 3

  • IMO2
  • Rice bran or similar media on which the microbes will grow
  • FPJ 1:500
  • BRV 1:500
  • OHN 1:1000
  • SW (sea or mineral water)  1:30
  • Humic acid 1:500
  • Water (non-chlorinated) approximately 1GAL/25LB


IMO 3 Method

  1. Dilute IMO-2 with water (1:1000) and mix with rice bran or flour.
  2. Use diluted natural farming inputs such as FPJ, FAA, OHN,  plus some humic acid while adding water.
  3. After evenly mixing with diluted IMO-2
  4. This process is very important and must be done on a soil floor and not on a concrete floor and in a place with good ventilation.
    1. As time passes, the temperature rises within the pile of the rice bran mixture, because it undergoes fermentation.
  5. On a dirt floor make a heap 13-15 inches (30 to 40 cm) height, and cover it with straw, straw mat or leaf litter to prevent moisture evaporation and to provide shade from direct sunlight.
    1. 70% shade and 30% light is recommended, since it creates favorable conditions for useful microbes in paddy straw,   Microorganisms such as Aspergillus’s oryzae, Bacillus subtilis, etc.
    2. Be sure to press several spots with weights or soils over the straw,
      1. This is due to straw being too light to be fixed on the top of the rice bran mixture.
      2. It is best to use straw mats or straw bags (gunny bags) for covering.
    3. The moisture level can be measured by forming a rice bran ball and twisting it.
    4. If the moisture level is around 65 -70 % the ball can be easily divided into two halves.
    5. However, it is better to use the moisture meter (hygrometer) to get accurate data.
  6. When the temperature reaches 40-50 °C
    1. Turnover the rice bran mixture evenly so that the temperature does not rise further and also in order to prevent moist clusters.
  7. If the temperature is below 40 °C,
    1. The mixture may be in an anaerobic condition due to the excessive moisture.
  8. If the temperature rises up above 70 °C,
    1. Proteins may be broken down by thermophilic microbes and nutrients released into the air resulting in loss of fertilizer effect.
    2. Turn over the rice bran mixture in order to control temperature. It takes about 7 days for this process.
  9. Cultivation speed can vary depending on the outside temperature, but it usually takes 5-7 days for the surface to be covered with whitish IMO spores.
  10. When the temperature stops rising the fermentation process is finished and you have IMO3.


photo.jpgChris Trump - IMO #3 with Chris Trump. Natural Farming on our farm.


Storing IMO 3

  1. Keep the IMO 3 bags in shaded and cool place.
  2. Make sure that the air is well circulated by keeping IMO-3 in a ventilated container such as jute / gunny / cloth bags.
  3. Spread rice straw or leaf litter at the bottom of the container,
  4. Place in IMO-3.
  5. During storage, the IMO-3 may become dry (moisture level 20-30%) as the moisture gets evaporated.
  6. It means that the IMO had entered a state of dormancy.
  7. Pile up containers into 3 layers and shield them from direct sunlight and rain.
  8. At this point, there is no need to turn over, because of the convection currents that are created through the gaps of containers.
  9. Can be stored for 6 months to a year.







Natural Farming Inputs



~ A Proud Cultural Healing and Life Compilation

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