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Some people have chemical issues that influences the mind that need to be medicated more so than gaining an understanding.  This writing is for mainly people who have emotional misunderstanding and appreciation than those with a medical issue.

Emotion is an aspect of life that influences us all in our thoughts and behaviors.  Many people live by the whims of their emotions and others try to control it but far too less learn to effectively find a balance and understanding with "effectively" managing their emotions.  As a result most people will suffer in life from their emotional thoughts and behaviors.

Finding a balance with emotion is key to having a control in your life.  Those who have emotional issues are far from free in life as they are chained and controlled by those emotions.  I hope this writing will start a basis for those who are not free from emotional control to start the process to find your freedom or balance.

The first step is to see our own emotional healthiness so that we may understand our own issues and begin to identify the areas we need address.  The following 4 major points will assist in gaining an footing to determine where to look. 

  1. Self Love - This is basically how much we like and admire ourselves and how we relate this to others.  In short, do we uphold our own view of ourselves after being challenged or seeing what others have/view etc or do we hold ourselves in a negative view after disapproval?
  2. Candor - Can we be honest and frank about who and what we are.   How do we react when when a part of ourselves is challenged by difficult views and upsetting facts even when the issues are not pleasant or even painful.
  3. Communication - How do we respond when we do not a desired response?  How well do communicate ourselves and our views?  Do we effectively teach our views or do we internalize them and hide or put away the issues or do we react with a rage or anger when confronted.   Do we teach our views or points or do we force and insist them?
  4. Trust - How strongly we believe in ourselves that we can handle life's situations.


This video will explain a bit about emotional healthyness

AJLlDp2mX-9965Gex2AC20UQTVCTsJgL2BwokZBpEA=s88-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no  The School of Life  - How Emotionally Healthy Are You?


Processing and managing emotions








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