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Cultural Healing and Life

Soil Microlife

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Soil and Microlife

As always I would like to start with the basics of soil.  I know this sounds like a thing that is not needed.  I implore you to know it.  It will help in ways you may not be able to perceive yet but will help not only in initial selections of materials and understanding but is part of the sacred pool that ideas come from.

Their are overlapping lessons in these videos but I wholly recommend watching both.  Together they are golden!


Soil and Soil Dynamics

AGF-l78Gna0r_5EaPSxVOwL-kVszM2uKqlTdPyyh Bozeman Science



Water in Soil.

This video works well in understanding about soil textures by seeing how water flows in various soils.

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech



Soil and Dirt

AGF-l79vkOw_nbAm87LLUBA23ArqNklHCjCxl1_B SustainableStudies



Soil is a living organism

AGF-l79RZRRfLWcU9Qn0JcjYsyhw6OhVk1OPUktF Plant Health Cure BV


Mycorrihizal Fungi or "myco" for short.

AGF-l78mEityzRA430exD1VNx2vdxYaWy9AzK6q7 Primrose



AGF-l7-lf7Cr0aUWTCxbyangcbD86AqDTtQloWb3  OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening


A comment on Myco.

Myco is largely ineffective with most growers in containers as the roots have no problems connecting to the nutrients it needs.  However, I believe myco and living soil as a whole is vital for no till setups.  In no till, you farm/manage the soil and it takes care of the rest for the most part.  My best advice is no till is to mimic nature with the layers of soil and manage that.  This will help with soils not becoming compact.

Living soils in containers is great but myco is largely not a factor as the availability of nutrients that is soluble and ready to use is available.  Myco work with plants to obtain nutrients in hard to reach areas the plants roots cant get too.   In containers this is not a thing generally.

I like IMO, lab and compost teas geared towards soil life as well as the plant to strengthen its specific lifecycle" for containers.


Think of the soil in nature, the following video set will help give that understanding.




AGF-l79cAffJQFnyz17pQkiit6oRs8V1NEVfH9tM Living Web Farms


Now that we know a bit of soil and soil life, I recommend conducting a soil sample of your soil on a regular basis.  We are not only interested in the NPK aspects but the life within the soil.  The following below is how to conduct a soil sample specifically for evaluating soil life.  Please allow me to introduce the esteemed Dr. Elaine Ingham.


Preparing and conducting a soil sample

Video by Dr. Elaine Ingham




AAuE7mBaiT5FRToP7lCOlKXRDLh3rCSfVpt8Tk-T  SustainableStudies



How to choose a microscope for soil microbiology

Video by Dr. Elaine Ingham




AAuE7mBaiT5FRToP7lCOlKXRDLh3rCSfVpt8Tk-T  SustainableStudies


The information contained within this document is designed to help instill a big picture understanding of soil and how to begin to manage soils for your operation.  By understanding the basics of soils, npk and soil life for the plants you are growing it enables a grower to begin the steps to achieving true confidence which potentially can achieve optimum soil results.   




~Hope that helps!!

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