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Cultural Healing and Life
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JJ the Gardener

lookin, seeing,imaginating....use ur eyes as no one could teach u:)

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Reposted from old site.

Written by hydro

hello guys,


I wont write long pages explaining the WHY.. but I will be happy to talk about all night if some of u will say I HAVE DONE IT!

the WHY... adults usually able to see only what is previously programmed on them...but the world is much bigger than that..

Programming:  i mean when somebody told u this is THIS that is THAT... "we call it...etc"...

Everything is just a program what u except from somebody... without "real understanding"

... so I stop explaining hahha.. just try to push u out from ur prison:)


EXERCISE: make a try to see something what u have no words for it.  I bet most of u cant see anything more... because of this most people come to the conclusion... there is nothing more to see haha ( stop reading if u want to stay in the SAFE ZONE= UR OWN PRISON)

1, visualize with close eyes blue light


u try to SEE something what is not there (yet)

at first it is very hard to see= put ur focus on a thing what is not programmed before..

u try to look it up from ur memories.... STOP doing that... u just wasting ur energies.

instead of that u can gain more power if u understand the process.. by observing.

Observing I mean... on ur imagination screen ( i dont know better word for it.. think about it as a simple tool to the HYPERSPACE) look for any blue sign.. observe the shape of it... its dynamic...the changing size...:)

Enjoy practicing..

if u get familiar with this I will continue.. Karma up:)

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Reposted from old site.

Written by Hempyfan.


Many people find it interesting and special when they understand how "blind" people can see by using their other senses.  We tend to think of ourselves like some great thing but we are simple (complex devices) but at the end of the day we are not so complex nor grande.  

Think how energy flows.  All we are and exist in just varied forms and temperatures/properties of energy in some type of instance or stage/thing.  Like water, energy will flow and generally to the path of least resistance.

  • Emotions and behaviors are paths of least resistance but are not always the wisest choice but when energies flow in those direction it can be very hard for people to control that.  For some as hard as changing the flow of an oncoming flood.  So we must go deeper as reflective or controlling type of actions/behaviors created to attempt to control that (often anger or other negative emotions) are ineffective.  We have to be true to solutions and not a gimmick. 
    • That is also in part the imprisonment but we construct our prisons on top of those foundations.

I kind of see it like this, we screwed up and lost our instruction manuals.  So we have to learn ourselves and their are so many of us and our wacky wacky ways is one massive impediment but being the wily creatures we are come up with some neat and shiny stuff and this furthers pulls us in other bizarre directions.  

Today, if their was ever a meaning in life for us we lost it or perhaps we are merely the sensory ends of the universe trying to figure out what it is.  If Timothy Leary couldnt figure it out and when the gods are in the books we can only do one thing.  (I say that meaning no genuine direction.)

To be us, but in doing so, we cannibalize each other but perhaps that is part of the process of our development.  So I speak to be free but I mean it in terms for many ways and not just in terms of physical imprisonment.  I believe when we learn our selves we can become free but in so doing we also learn a truth.  What we truly as when one becomes truly free they become powerful and if they choose to be a certain way.  This is why the ethics and morals must be part or you will become very effective and achieve results in areas you focus. 


So how to be free, this is my take on that.

  1. Learn and know you, this takes forever I believe.
    1. Understand emotion, this is what controls most people and is the influence that harms the most.  This is like yin/yang in a way and as a blessing and a curse.
      1. Emotion is necessary but it should not control your direction in life but more of a an (advice) mechanism.  It takes true strength when emotion is heavy on us but this is countered by addressing weak areas of our lives.
        1. Example: Anxiety can be a condition from not addressing other issues in life and it comes out in that form.
        2. If emotion is an issue for you, become educated on it and take a look it at it with that view.
    2. Control "your" behaviors when influenced by anything other intelligent decision.
      1. If your not a kid, do not act like you are if you do stupid things and act foolish in harmful ways.
    3. Do not fear reality.  Unless you need to turn to tail and run for your literal safety, fear is a draining thing that works to diminish with the view towards survival.  Today we do not have strong grasps on our emotions as we should and fear sometimes takes a bigger role than is merited.  
      1. We have at times taken worry and fear and melded them into the same meaning.  This can for some make the issue appear and feel much larger than it is.
      2. You are the part of the highest intelligent life we have found and we look pretty darn hard to find other life in our universe.  We have conquered all areas for which we have put effort and desire.  What you have today and take for granted every day would be considered blessings from a god, miracles and what have you.  From ease of obtaining shelter, food, water, heat and cold no matter all the other fancy.  You education level surpasses most who have lived before you.  
      3. Do not fear what things may or may not really be.  It matters not in the end if you unable to be handle what you find.
  2. Learn and know all around the responsibilities you have.
    1. Not having this can make people anxious and unstable in the end.
    2. Be educated and prideful in what you do.  Do not just go thru the motions or you become an ant or insect follower.  I am not saying all become leaders and whatnot but simply to be truly qualified and take pride in what you do as this is part of a happy life.  If you are at work and have questions and those questions limit your effectiveness, get better as their is suffering in that you do not likely appreciate.
  3. Be effective with all in life but moral and ethical.
    1. Dont be a fool but an intelligent leader of your family or whatever dynamic you have.
    2. If just you, your future is your family.  Live within boundaries that enables a future or your future will be part of your prison, literally to figuratively.
    3. We made mistakes in our past for sure.  Once we learn from that, those chains are to be taken off.  If they are not then visit the issue and learn from it correct.  If still issue, make sure all that is left is for you to remove the unlocked chains.  When we learn and never do again and work for others to be correct we amend.


Whats it mean?

Not my job to figure that one out but we all get a ticket to that answer.  Until then, my advice is to live a free life and do right by you and yours in all.  Start with becoming free from yourself.  Then take on the rest.

  • Life dont owe you anything.
  • Other than for basically humans born in certain areas, life experiences in nature is not really all that great, life and death always around the corner in nature and being a baby, sick and old is a bad time with real monsters probably trying to eat you.  Now look at your petty stuff.   See what I mean.......


Life is merited to be remembered, ask the rocks, so respect it. ~Hempyfan

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Reposted from old site.

Written by hydro


@Hempy u are a philosopher:) some of ur sentences are so powerful that they cut deep in my bones.

-this "seeing thing" could be a real miracle during practicing..

Very important to understand the steps...

when u call in to ur screen anything...

do it like planting a seed

for a good start  make a good, friendly environment (basically in ur mind)!!!!

and let it flourish!

(dont try to tell to a carrot seed how to be a carrot...and never try to force it to be pumpkin.. because u just wasting ur energy:)

practicing imagination or dreaming will teach u how to see at a better and very different way.



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Reposted from old site.

Written by Hempyfan.



I do very similar and have done for many many years.  This is part in how you can see yourself for real what you do but I have been seriously warned by others on this and this is what I will relay.  This was part one I learned as a kid to deal with my life.  The frog and some other type of meditation discussions you and I have had was part II for me.   Specifically in energy management which I am most grateful.

This is great exercise you speak of and I look forward to your views in further discussion.  

I will explain what I do and have been doing since a kid in various degrees.  I was kinda born into knowing it or I just forest gumped into it as it was just always something I did, either way it is the reason I am here as I likely would of become a different kind of person than I am otherwise.

I will teach or work with others in this in the rarest of situations and I will explain the rare as it is based on the warning I got.  If we are not careful, we will hurt more than we help.  It is hard to determine who can be helped and who cannot because it depends on them and sometimes their needs and a desire to help can cloud better judgement.  

  • For those who "want it" (largely due to suffering) more than a "true dedication" to doing the process will be the problem in determining.  Beware though, those who "want it" as they can appear and at the moment be very genuine in their desire but here are some things to consider.
    • How is the person in their normal life.
      • Do they finish what they start? (worth the time)
      • Dependable? (need to see they will competent to due diligent)
      • Ethical/moral?  (important for later) 

I cannot stress enough to be careful who to help as you will do more than work to free them but also unlock them.  That is a boon or a crime, almost literally.  Understand, that once someone is free they will become thirsty and hungry and if the person is not correct emotion will take over and we end up with ass holes who are effective in what they do as freedom does not equate to good.

I know the capability of man and it is scary when emotion rules us.  This is why I stress emotional control and I have a way dual working together with what you are doing along with some other aspects to help address the issues.  A persons emotional complications have to be unwound to be free of the emotional reigns all things competent.  Please believe this need be in tandem and not at different stages otherwise the strength of some meaning and pointed moments can be diminished due to time.  

  • Think of wanting thick paint but is thinner.  Still paint but not the same.



I have been warned by person of capability once about teaching the safe place and is essentially in concept the exercise you do.  To others they may call it simply meditation (not all meditation is the same) but the core concept remains and similar ends are often the goal/result.  Conceptually speaking to find clarity and I speak generically for sake of time and not to write to many novels.

  • This warning is so significant the person who told me this, stopped teaching it because of issue they have seen with it.  Do not take lightly and is reason why I speak on determining a persons ethics/morals (not same thing, know the difference in evaluation).  
    • Help free and make powerful the wrong person and it will haunt you.  Those who are in need now will be different later.  See that difference.  
    • I would say think of it like picking ripe fruit and leaving unripe fruits to ready before picking.  While we might want to pick all the fruit at once we get a higher quality and market crop by picking when ripe and not due to convenience.

Freedom can enable optimized capability and we being the wily monkeys we are with little control of ourselves due to emotion we become a danger more than the words I write can relay an appreciation for.  


Ok lets go on with it

What I call safe place = similar as you do I believe.

  • This exercise is a template or an environment that will enable one to see one's self truly without the wrappings our emotions that often twists and manipulates our ego.  Release from those wrappings to chains is towards freedom.


Discussed Process:

  1. Clear the mind until you find silence from silence, basically doing the exercise you do until they can get to where they keep thoughts clear, just space and them, this will be very hard if not possible for them do at first.
    • You can help guide them but only in helping them focus and become familiar with environment, you do not lead or you build it in their mind and this is not same thing and will not end as you want.  
      • Do things like this,
        • if on beach, have them feel beach environment from sound of waves, wind, smell, feel on feet, taste the whole thing.  Take them literally their.
        • Do this until they can do it on their own, this can vary but be patient and help guide them to calmness if needed.
          • Maybe start with removing all stimuli as possible such as lights, sound and such.
          • Start off doing breathing techniques and/or other aspects to better direct towards calm.
    • The harder/longer/if even possible to do is illustrative of emotional aspects.  Initially they may have problems and it is these subjects bombarding them along with life shit, they can clear out the day to day life stuff but the big stuff is heavier.
    • Those using as basic clarity and focus meditation can sometimes stop once they get comfortable and is a good daily once or twice exercise or as needed but most will go a bit further. 
      • For those able to deal with issue and work it out this is part of natural process of dealing with day to day decompressing so to speak. 
      • Most will fit this category.
        • I warn of blindly intertwining with emotions or issues that you are not prepared for can be negative overall.  Mean get meaner or irritated more to aggravated type of things. 
        • This is easily seen in some people than others and is reflective of their ego and in that is much information to see if one can understand that.
          • Many personality traits can point to such things but I use above for ease of illustration.
  2. Imagine yourself at your safe place.
    • Now show yourself to you.  what do you see?  But before you answer that, have you learned to look at yourself?
      • What you initially see is not just you but the effects life has done to you.
        • These effects on us are typically negative things and can be removed.
        • What is important is to understand what you see right now is not the real you, not yet. 
      • Your ego is what you really see as you cannot hide from yourself but you can make yourself see something else if should choose too but when seeing yourself free of influence you will see the true you.  Similar to Dorian Gray :mona-lisa-smiley-emoticon:
        • We tend to have no idea what ego really is and when we do we tend to not appreciate accurately. 
        • I recommend using it as a ships rudder and use it as a guide for which direction in life choices that most agrees with who you really are no matter what that direction is. 
          • Being true to your genuine self is what I believe is a good part of achieving happiness but this does not always equate to best choice advantage wise in regards to finances and ones morals and ethics.
          • Sometimes we have scars because their was no other choices but when you can, choose your scars well and live a good life by your true self and free of influence.
            • Be it good or bad to my view is irrelevant in that regard and thus makes the whole good and bad view questionable but that is for another day and is more about energies.
  3. I then have them make a safe place.  For some it is a beach, mountain, a tree or what have you.  Do not have them tell you, that way they trust more later when and if you have to explain their world to them.  (you should be able to see it as they do)
    • WARNING THING - in so called safe places emotion can trick and hide insidiously.  I have not seen this but is in part a big warning I got on this and is in part why this is not easily taught.  This is why I speak on type of person before trying to help, in part.
    • Also, beware if you are not correct, the potential for manipulation is great and few can resist this temptation over another.  If I felt that way with you I would not speak but we do write this in the open for all and is the reason for that comment.  
      • I worry on that and is in part why I am reluctant to teach.
  4. Once they make a safe place they should be able to get centered and become stable a bit feeling wise.  They should be able to regain focus and energy.  For some, this is better than coffee or energy type of things.  For many, they stop here but this is only beginning but it can be safe to stop here.

For most who stop here and just use to focus and gain some clarity and energy this can be enough but for those who take it further is the warnings I speak of. 


Ok, neat trick but what is going on?

  • Energy boost is from them being too scattered with their energies at the moment.  Day to day to life can do this and is normal life.  General meditation in many cultures work this direction.  Essentially is a side effect from focusing energies on nothing (releasing energies/thoughts, pressures, issues at the time and such).  Then when you focus that energy in a tighter direction it has a greater effective.
    • Think of taking a wide beam flashlight and make it single beam of light.
  • Emotion will bring up the big issues and keep them tied up in energy and is the limiting factor in ones life far more than they appreciate as those issue cause behavioral and understanding limitations among other aspects.
    • Have them identify what it is, not always easy and is likely only partially showing itself but I have a solution I will speak on shortly in this document.
      • The person might have a distinct figure or entity that negatively affects them in their mind.  
        • It is a result of that emotional damage.
          • Can have many parts to it to address that span the lifetime of the person. 
      • It is not as bad as they believe it to be as they are in a hole looking up and the sky is small to them at the moment.
        • Expect full range of emotions from the person.  You will have not learn to not care about any thing they may say or do to you.  See that emotion is not something else but their own energies eating them and they empower it to the point it has often become part of what they are but they can be free if they choose to the hard work of facing it.
          • Kind of like the frog, but without the frog.  Just hard work and it takes bravery, strength and constitution but being free.  You will face your demons and until you remove them, their will be no freedom.
  • Is like a break from life.  Anytime you need a moment of clarity or a boost of energy just simply going to your spot can do wonders.


OK, whats this tandem part with emotion spoke on?


Emotion is the weapon or tool we use on ourselves and others.  While a blessing and curse we need to understand it and how it fits into our lives without being controlled or a robot/insect.

If you rely on meditation exercises to illustrate this baggage you will do this forever but that is a part of the process.  First we have to understand it and this is unique to each person.  So no book can be read and magically we say oh, that is it, why not just say so and its all just better.  

  • We have emotional influence due to the fact the emotion has been interwoven into us at the time of life experiences and this effect alters our behaviors and even to the way we form understandings and opinions which has shaped our ego as a whole.

We are who we are in part due to this influence.  Good and bad potentially but before we can know ourselves without this influence, we have to see it clearly and in part why emotion is a problem here is because it has hidden its influence from us.  

  • It is common for those to not know that emotion has played such a role in their life development wise and if they do it is potential they lack an effective appreciation of the effect and how to affects other aspects of their personality and life as a whole.


Emotional Influence Analysis (basic)

  1. Start with earliest memories and work forward in life in chronological order or as you remember it.  (life is a building, we want to look at our first building blocks and inspect and fix as necessary)
  2. Do via meditation or whatever is most comfortable for person.
    1. Write them down if necessary.  Often little big issues can be many stepped gaining little bits each time.
    2. Have them see the issue as a spectator perspective without the personal attachment.
      1. No emotion, just see it as if a movie.
      2. Replay it over and over and see all that it is.  This can work to remove the sting and pains associated with the issue.
        1. Difficult experiences can be very hard but help them thru it.  It is normal to take many times until they are able and never push.  They must want to do it and do it on their own.  
        2. Help them by helping them maintain control when they review by speaking calmly to them and help them understand what is going on.
        3. When they respond to fear, work to rationalize that fear and how that it is that fear is going to be removed by seeing it for the mask it is as that is all it is, a mask.
          • While still bad experiences will be bad we take away the effect it has had and in so doing we can remove the effect that had in other parts of our life and our ego becomes free of those wrappings. 
        4. By seeing past negative experiences with the eyes and mind that we have today we can see and handle that experience differently today and in that can find release.  
  3. Examine and see each issue from the youngest to oldest and see how each experience has molded and shaped you.
    1. By doing so we can begin to fix but has to be earliest memories to today.  This is a long process and no one can do it fast.
    2. Generally when they realize they are were victim of stupidity (almost always is) the mechanism of change is at hand.
  4. See how the impact of the emotion from the experience then has affected your life in all ways.
    1. In so doing you can begin to see how some of the ways we may of been were due to the experiences of our past and how we reacted to them.  That experiences effect effects you in ways in an evolutionary way as we grow up.
    2. Most people are a result of their past, they are not free but they think they are.
    3. Do this process and in tandem with the meditation exercise you can see the difference in almost magical ways.
      1. When this works their views and behaviors will alter.  If ethical and moral person those directions tend to come better but if unethical they only learn focus and effective mannerisms.
      2. FYI - These are the type of people I do not like going up against in life as they are capable, few truly are this though.

The video below is a good illustration of the feeling one can get at the realization of being free from a negative influence that has affected and them.  This unwinding is a great effect but if incorrect it can work the other way too.

  • Morality and ethics matter as those are the reigns that will shape once emotion is removed as a main factor.
  • Pick your fruit wisely is my greatest advice.




Little Bio Part

What I call part 1 for me.

Meditation aspects I speak had enabled me to manage many difficult aspects of life and enabled me to be focused and hidden.  It enabled me to have the tools I needed in my life to be me if that makes any sense to you.  It was more luck from my perspective that I turned out how I did rather than other life choices.  While both successful I am confident morality would of been in question.

What it did not do for me is teach about responsibility and the wisdom of such things but oh the stories I have that few should believe but are very true.


What I call part 2 for me.

The frog.  The writing I did after and sent is true today as then but basically is where I learned about ego (why I speak heavy on that at times), have no worries and decided perhaps I am not overly bat shit crazy.  It gave me part 2 or the next puzzle piece.  Crazy I know and I am fine with that.  I do not care the opinion of others as they do not matter as I smile when I go to bed.  I look forward to the day all do!


What I call part 3

Cultural healing and life.  We doing it.  I have no idea why and is more like I am watching myself doing it.  I am glad you are here and I have no idea what to expect other than some dusty spot about 4 people look at and for me, that is enough!




Take this further and you can lay the basis to become a very powerful person and in that, I have caution.  It takes more than that as you have to have the capability and skills too but this does not necessarily lead to good things. 

  • I see this similarly to mind altering experiences and that is not for everyone and you cannot help those who are not true to it.
    • Great for some.
    • Horrific for others.
    • Not a big deal for others.

I see clearly what people are and I have had nothing but contempt for most of humanity during my life.  Thus, my life is a rather lonely one because I see what most are and they are not good humans but this does not equate to evil or bad people.  Just those who are not moral or ethical past their wants and I have no time but this is almost all who read this.  

I see it now as just unripe fruit on an indeterminate fruiting tree.  So I do not worry about the unripe but when a ripe fruit is ready to be picked then do what you can but beware of eating unripe fruits.  

I still dislike what I see in humanity but I no longer have contempt nor disgust towards humanity and is precisely the reason why we make Cultural Healing and Life!


Well that is my take on this and I am convinced I am bat shit crazy but I will take it!


In the end, expect the illustration, pet the owl.  We are the kid and most are the girl in the booth....

We will be largely ignored and viewed as odd to being a pain, but I will take it.



Read The Small Print!

What we speak on here sounds like medical advice and stuff but this is not the case.  

This is life advice that we live by and as we figure out for ourselves and while it may or may not appear that I am giving medical advice I am not.  Any appearance is simply a mannerism or a description of a concept.  

I recommend following all appropriate medical directions as appropriate.  This is just a discussion for those with such interest and I tell you again, I think I might be bat shit crazy.  so take that for what it is worth.



We thank you for your understanding.

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Reposted from old site.

Written by hydro


Hempy... most cant do what u and I speak about...so they wont hurt themselves for sure:)

the warriors who have enough power to get through the first difficulties.. to step in the ring... yes they will have to fight hard:) hahahh

So I decide not believe in WARNINGS.

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Reposted from old site.

Written by Hempyfan.





Back to the good stuff

These discussions do my heart well!

I used to hate most and now I have a love for all even if I hate the behaviors and actions.  I think that says it all.

  • I see those imprisoned in life by emotion and that leads to "trappings of those life choices" and this is what alters and controls them.  I see them today, no matter how wrong, as a like a child who does not yet know.
    • The negative extent of the impression of the behavior does not equate to lost for ever but lost as they are now and direction at that point in time.
  • We are not alive as ourselves until we are free of emotional controls.

Teach/preach/empower ethics and morals and free our youth from the trappings of emotion and if they are capable teach them to be capable.  This is largely how I see myself and is the biggest direction I walk towards.  

  • Speak ethics and morals to those you can when applicable when giving private advice to them when they seek it.
  • I say things and discuss things with some very hard people that no one else could as they tell stories of their past.   I will tell them whoever it is, what is correct and not correct with that.  Sometimes they cry, get angry, can get violent but I have not had that, get upset but always they come back with better words and it helps change them.  They evolve slowly.  
    • Have them feel and see the emotion fully around what they have done.  They did not have this before and thus they did not appreciate their actions.  
    • True unethical/immoral people are able and easier to be identified during such discussions as they will continue over time to justify their actions with no thought of change rather than understand and evolve. 

Those who are correct will find you.  We need do nothing but be yourself.  Doing other shit will draw attention but not necessarily correct attention.

  • Energies flow like to the path of least resistance kind of thing and this is how they will find you.  It is not like a magical fate thing but like how a bear fishes at water falls for salmon. 
  • We just need to be wise enough to choose the correct fish.

FYI - When you are free, your life becomes art if that makes any sense.  For most it will be later rather than sooner.




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Reposted from old site.

Written by Hempyfan.


I am honored but please use as your own as I believe we all flow in simular directions.  You will see the flow and words when you need it and thus are not mine but I merely comment on.  

  • In such, I know the direction but respect for outcome is heavily yours.  
  • I only speak alphabet basics for illustrative purposes.  I do not give easily but is correct and  truly flows from me as if I have little control to speak myself which I almost always keep hidden.  
  • Know that we benefit from one another.  Without you I do not believe I am able to maintain my energy level and is your advice and direction that is difference.
  • If any benefit comes from such discussions, I believe it mutual.
  • I see us as owe each nothing but contribute and where that leads I have no idea but is natural as far as I feel.
  • We flow similar no matter what we want but I see it as we want and perhaps we gain an inch.

Then again, maybe I am bat shit crazy but damn if its not fun and strangely true but maybe I only see the shit I speak.


I just like this, no other meaning than seeing joy in what you do!

Feel that way in what you, especially dad and family leaders!

I am only a link in a chain

it scares me to be anything other

as I no matter how it might help, a link.

If my link is fruitful than

Than I am more

than I ever 

Hoped for



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