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Cultural Healing and Life
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JJ the Gardener

Plant Management Fundamentals 1 - WORKING

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Plant Management

Basic Fundamentals 1


  • Environment
    • Understand from perspective of plant
  • Style
    • Selecting style for optimum yield.
    • Environmental based, largely.
  • Lighting needs
    • Per area
    • light placement height
  • Watering
    • Quality
    • Timing
  • Feeding
    • Timing
    • Understanding of selected nutrients.
      • Difference between type of nutrients, organic, bio, mineral, synthetic/chemical and the quality as applicable.
        • Example:  NPK salts at agriculture quality is the worst for purity and hydro would want food or lab grade qualities.
          • Chelate breakdown
          • If gimmick nutrient to understand and utilize their method correctly.(many big names are more gimmick and require their type of products to work effectively together)
            • A type of % flushing periodically at set periods during grow or at specific growth periods.
              • This is often due to chelate type they used.  (all break down eventually but some sooner than others)
  • Nutritional understanding with plant growth
    • Basic NPK understanding of plant growth, this is will be more pointed in the nutrition writing.
  • Plant Tissue Testing (Not THC or CBD)
    • Why, how, and when & frequency when decided to test.
      • Growth testing (% of EC in active growth areas such as fruits)
      • Transport (transpiration and % of EC in solution and/or sap % testing)
      • Optimization testing
        • Per each development cycle testing.
        • Several crop rotations.
      • Hidden Deficiency Identification
        • When yields are low but everything is normal.
        • If plant is not quite healthy but functions well but not as it used too.
          • This is potentially a hidden deficiency and a plant tissue test is only way to identify it as they are typically undetectable otherwise.
    • Timing of taking samples and why.
      • Basic 101 day and night cycle of plant.
    • Example of testing company:




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