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  • The story of Jon & Deb and the beginning of Cultural Healing and Life
    • The story of Jon & Deb and the beginning of Cultural Healing and Life
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  1. What is Good and Evil? Life Noggin - Are Humans Born Good Or Bad? Good and evil, light and dark, heaven and hell, yin and yang. Take your pick, we all have a view on that and this is a discussion on what that actually is. We tend to believe we know what good and evil is. For some, a book or religion will tell you that, for others a judge will, and for others a parent and the environment they grow up and live in will affect this perception and ones way of life. Understand that is all it is, a perception that keeps us locked into a room of thought secured by dogma walls whose influence affects us in many ways as it leashes how we see and understand the world. We tend to see good and evil as entities that fight but as long as we see good and evil as something to fight and win against we are blind and cannot become free. However it is possible to believe you are free of negative and/or evil aspects but if it was not removed correctly through understanding and love you are still not free of its influence, you temporarily limit or remove its effect and become blind to new effects it has on you as you believe you are past the issue. This is like a trick but not by intelligent design but just by how energy flows. Sort of like water with the path of least resistance. Energy has properties we do not easily appreciate nor understand and with strong negative influence this can manifest into fears and aspects that alter us in the direction of that energy type in multiple ways and depths from behaviors, understandings, beliefs and thoughts. Understand positive and negative energies for the sake of illustration. The effects are not personal but just nature being nature. We are the ones who assign meaning to it via the effects of these energies, good and evil or positive and negative energies and our blindness makes it difficult to even understand this concept at times. CrashCourse - The Problem of Evil: Crash Course Philosophy #13 Our darkest fears that haunt us are nothing but a manifestation of our energies and the effects our energies have upon us. Good & evil is just an illusion from energy that uniquely acts upon us in a manner that is natural as any of the forces of nature. Their is no entity attacking us as many religions discuss, it is only perceptions and beliefs we have that transforms that influence in how we see it. Our demons, are our demons and through understanding and love for all nature will it only be removed. You cannot fight it as even if you win, it is in the shadows and will still influence you in ways for which you do not appreciate and we will remain blind. The following video is an allegory of Plato's cave. I added this as to give a bit of insight on how good and evil concepts and views can be created. - TED-Ed - Plato’s Allegory of the Cave - Alex Gendler By gaining these understandings we can take a step down the path of true freedom. I hope you join me in this discussion and perhaps we can begin to be truly human and live good lives without the manipulation that few people can truly see and those who do often remain silent and ignore it. By understanding and teaching to the youth and living free can we hope to make to true change for it is not really a change for our society today but for in the future and it starts with caring enough about our future generations that we form these understandings and do our part in instilling these views and guiding them toward the path of true freedom. Good and evil are largely concepts and labels used to control us and when we question or try to learn the other view we are punished and ostracized for it. This is not freedom and I ask you to work towards freedom by diminishing the effect of controlling views of good and evil. JJ the Gardener!
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