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  1. ifish


    Hi Gardenartus : this isn't my rescipie , it's space cakes , I just tried it and fired the pics in the gallery : )
  2. ifish


  3. ifish


    Sieve out any lumps in mix , pour into glasses and place in the fridge to set : ) voila , chocolate custard !
  4. ifish


    Turn ring up to medium heat , and whisk till it thickens ( mix shall turn from speckled milky mix , to a thick rich chocolate colour ) : )
  5. ifish


    Pour mix , back into pot that you warmed milk in and add the pieces of broken chocolate ( 60/75 % coco ) and whisk , keeping it on a low heat : )
  6. ifish


    To the bowl add warm milk (1 pint of full cream milk ) not boiling , was in pot at low heat and whisk togeather : )
  7. ifish


    4 egg yokes ( medium ) , 3 tablespoons of castor sugar ( heaped ) , and 2 tablespoons of cornflower ( heaped ) all whisked togeather : )
  8. ifish


    When I make it , I don't add fennel seeds , and at the end I split the juices into two jugs , one I keep plain with no Pernod ( some people don't like aniseed ) the other I just add Pernod to taste as a quarter of a glass can be strong , usually just a half a bottle cap , add it to your own taste preference , Pernod can be strong tasting ( over wealming lol )
  9. Building them up : ) I had had to go with wire nails , as I could not get screws thin enough , we shall see if they last , if not I can beef them up later : )
  10. I have enough wood for 5 boxes and three lids so I can leave two and when I come back a week later I can exchange for another two ( cycle ) the extra box I shall experiment with ( holes etc ) i got 3 lids too , two for the coming home boxes to protect the contents and the spare I shall put on my experimental box , to see if I get a good collection with a wooden lid instead of paper towel If it works with a wooden lid that means no anti animal cage would be required and it would make them more rain proof ( easier to set up on site )
  11. Just got my cedar in the post for my boxes , the wood smells lovely lol ? going to use metal nails or screws to assemble them I think ? Or should I use wooden dowels and some wood glue ? Im thinking screws will grip better and help keep the box from warping / twisting over time and if I need to fix the boxes for any reason , the screws will allow for easy dismantle i shall see what the finest thin one inch screws the shop sells and if there is nothing suitable I shall use fine gripper type nails ( like normal nails only ribbed for extra wood pleasure lol ) : )
  12. If I have 1 kg of lab serum and I add 1 kg of brown sugar , then I have 2kg of brown sugar lab serum mix , so my volume is now greater but the lab concentration stays the same ?
  13. The ratios for using lab are the same weither it has been mixed with brown sugar or kept pure in the fridge does adding brown sugar double my volume in lab while also keeping it at the same concentration ? also if I mix it with brown sugar and then use it as a spray will the surface be all sticky ,and attract insects and dirt etc or does the lab make the brown sugar mix non sticky ? is there a time or situation when the brown sugar mix is more effective than the pure ? ( I am thinking the brown sugar lab mix for the garden and the fridged lab for the home ) ? sorry for all the questions , I am probably thinking too much : )
  14. Yes I am all pleased with myself : ) The first job for the LAB is my outside food bin , I might as well throw them in at the deep end lol a great test haha I am not going to do anything with the curds this time , due to the small amount but I shall make a bigger batch of LAB next time , then I shall definatly be making some cheese from the curds : )