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  1. How to preserve or super saturation of your FPJ, Lactic Acid and any Bacterial input. Needs: Jars with lids, like a mason Jar Wooden stick. Metal may interact poorly with the microbes. Brown Sugar or Jaggery, coconut sugar, cane sugar. Not Molasses as it has too much water content. Instructions: This can be used with LAB, FBJ or any bacteria based inoculant. Add sugar until it begins to settle on top of water Mix well Add more sugar until sugar is floating on top of water Mix well Let sit and settle down look for a tiny ring about a 1/4 of an inch or 6 millimeters on the bottom of jar, the ring is sugar. This is saturation. Add more sugar if no ring is apparent. Mix well Let stand Check for ring of sugar. Continue as necessary until the ring forms at the bottom of the Jar. You can now put the lid on the jar and store until needed. Howto Supersaturate KNF Solutions PureKNF Drake This is a just a great tutorial. While we have instructions on preserving in each of the applicable inputs we thought it would be beneficial to add preserving/supersaturing your bacterial inputs. We hope this helps and as always please support the video makers direct.
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