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    the added sugar stops the process and stabilizes it. That is a great question and I cannot find a definitive answer and I have no experience with that as I kept in refrigerator. I suggest using the same dilution rates. I will try to find a more experienced answer. I believe it will be the same as in nothing can I find mention other than to stabilize it but nothing if a change in dilution rates. Use on something stinky and if not effective make more concentrated until effective and then use those dilution rates.
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    If I have 1 kg of lab serum and I add 1 kg of brown sugar , then I have 2kg of brown sugar lab serum mix , so my volume is now greater but the lab concentration stays the same ?
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    The ratio is the same for use regardless if adding sugar or not. It does not affect volume but by adding in the brown sugar you stabilize it. Refrigerating does the same but you dont need to put in more sugar if kept in fridge. I always kept mine in the fridge but I do not believe the extra sugar is an issue as it is a balance but I am not speaking on experience with that one. Keep it coming, your questions are spot on!
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    The ratios for using lab are the same weither it has been mixed with brown sugar or kept pure in the fridge does adding brown sugar double my volume in lab while also keeping it at the same concentration ? also if I mix it with brown sugar and then use it as a spray will the surface be all sticky ,and attract insects and dirt etc or does the lab make the brown sugar mix non sticky ? is there a time or situation when the brown sugar mix is more effective than the pure ? ( I am thinking the brown sugar lab mix for the garden and the fridged lab for the home ) ? sorry for all the questions , I am probably thinking too much : )
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    no on freezing but if you keep in refrigerator it will last about 6 months to a year. You can add sugar and keep it stable at room temperature. Add equal amounts of brown sugar and mix. (remember no metal stir or containers as it reacts badly.)
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