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Cultural Healing and Life

Inputs - Section 13 - IMO 5

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Natural Farming Inputs



Inputs - Section 13 - IMO 5

IMO 5 is essentially taking a nitrogen rich source such as manure, compost, food scraps, bone meal for example and using IMO4 to break it down to a usable media that will not harm plants nor lose or lose as much nitrogen due to the nitrogen cycle compared to other traditional mainstream farming methods.  

  • Not only is IMO5 ideal for plants but also the environment.


photo.jpgChris Trump - How To IMO5


IMO 5 Ingredients

  • IMO4
  • Nutrient rich material such as compost, food scraps, manure, bone meal, etc.
  • FPJ 1:500
  • BRV 1:500
  • OHN 1:1000
  • SW 1:25
  • Humic acid 1:500
  • Water "approximately" 1GAL/25LB



My wife and I met the base player of Deep Purple from when this song was made.   I post in loving memory of my wife.


IMO 5 Process

How much moisture to add will vary depending on how dry or moist the IMO4 is.

  1. Create your IMO5 water solution
    1. Per gallon of water
    2. FPJ 1:500
    3. BRV 1:500
    4. OHN 1:1000
    5. Sea Water 1:25
    6. Humic acid 1:500
  2. Mix the IMO4 and the compost, manure or whatever media you are using
  3. Make a divot into the middle of the mixed soil & added dry materials.
  4. Then mix in the IMO5 water solution
    1. Pour water solution into the divot.
    2. Mix very well and repeat until evenly mixed.
    3. Careful not to make too wet or the temperature will increase (130f to 140f temperature is too high).
      1. Manure and high nitrogen additions keep more dry than wet.
      2. Mix so the media holds slightly together but crumbles apart, it should not clump or hold its shape.
  5. In about 7 to 10 days the IMO5 will be ready to use.



Use IMO-4 by top dressing the soil around plants and top dressing fields before planting.


photo.jpgChris Trump - How to apply IMO4


Why to Natural Farm

“Farmers have lost their independent authority which they have in the farming techniques of the old days.

Farmers became dependent in buying almost everything that they need in farming, and they just engaged in farming by role according to the program presented by the seller.”  “I insist to recover the spirit of farmers.

  • To achieve it is impossible until the exhilarated farming that farmers can recover subjectivity in the farming technique is realized.”

“New vision of farming techniques is needed to recover the true nature of farming. There is a hidden possibility to realize a new vision in the ways that farmers make and apply which are necessary farming materials by making use of local materials actively.”

Dr. Han Kyu Cho

A word from us.

Cultural Healing and Life has compiled this information in the hopes that it will help not just to grow high quality plants and trees but that we begin to heal the lands and soils and by working from the bottom of the food chain up can nutritionally begin to heal ourselves.  We see the microorganisms as part of the food chain that proactively works to increase the mineral density of our food and thus we increase the brix levels of our plants and the health of our animals.  In so doing, we can restore true nutritional health.

It has been a pleasure compiling this and it is with respect and gratitude that I thank all those who were used in this compi`lation.  Please support them directly. 

~Cultural Healing and Life, JJ the Gardener.





Natural Farming Inputs



~ A Cultural Healing and Life Compilation

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