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Cultural Healing and Life

The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance

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The Story of the Wily Ape:

  1. Section 1- The Beginning
  2. Section 2 - Value and Meaning
  3. Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior
  4. Section 4 - Personality traits, capabilities & limitations
  5. Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance
  6. Section 6 - The Future



The Story of the Wily Ape

Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance



Societal Manipulation

The entirety of the wily ape mental architecture made them vulnerable to become a dangerous and untrustworthy species but one that was capable and it is this aspect that made the wily ape species the most precious living commodity and thus became susceptible to manipulation and this played a direct role in the varied society models for which they lived.

  • Regardless of the type of government and society model their society suffered from the same faults discussed above.
    • Their are small tribes and groups who for the most part reject modern culture that do appear to break with this to various degrees.

The following 2 videos below illustrates how society was manipulated via various techniques exploiting the weakness discussed above.  This is both via intentional, unintentional actions and societal experiences with further manipulation to create a specific society outcome and/or control.

  • Look around "your" world and see how many things are politicized but they truly have no reason to be.  This is an indication of a controlling mechanism.
  • When people are reading/viewing "similar and/or directional opinions" on the news and see begin to see "that opinion/commentary as part of the the news itself" than you end up with a type of brain washing action similar to some advertisement tactics targeting general to select citizen groups.
    • When the media is "defining a politician" rather than their effectiveness, true ethics and accomplishments as a leader to "define" who and what they are.
      • I see this similar to a magicians coin trick, simple misdirection.
    • People are bombarded with directional/influential aspects or training and this is not always easy to recognize at the moment in time.
    • People tend to prevail to a certain over all view or political entity over any one or group of issues and they rarely ask why with genuine accountability and thus were and continue to be successfully manipulated.
      • Demand genuine information, apply genuine knowledge with moral ethics and hold accountable.
        • Easier said than done.
  • This is comparative to advanced dog training but upgraded for people.  Again, look at how many things politics infects in your life where it has no business.  Then look at how easy you accept it.  Just understand it as an environment. 
  • Before change can effectively come the environment must be correctly understood.
    • Look at all sides, do not fear other sides and if it is more true to you, than perhaps that other view is correct.
    • I say to decide for yourself and teach the future correct ethics.  Easier said than done! 


Ziggy Marley Sings

  • Ziggy Marley Ziggy Marley – "We Are The People" | Official Lyric Video


A video about how we came to our society models



Long Union Break & Musical Interlude


The Ghost of Tom Joad - 3 versions.

:guitar-smiley-emoticon:  Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello - The ghost of Tom Joad   :singer-1:Elvis Costello and Mumford & Sons. :bart-simpson-smiley-emoticon:Rage against the machine version. 




Buffalo Springfield's "For what its worth" - 2 Versions

:Gong:            :biker-smiley-emoticon-2:

     Lyric                                       Extended


How a hit song in 1966 came to be - For what its worth.


End Union Break!




What is a country?

When we think of country we rarely think of entrapment.  I am not saying not to be proud of your country and culture.  I am simply saying to understand what we turned our homes into and why and how this happened.  This infection has afflicted all of mankind no matter how remote.  Take it seriously as this is often a point of thought that can spark a person to ask why?

I leave you with a moment from "The Tyranny of Authority."  




An old cartoon from the 50's that illustrates that nothing has changed.  Many will watch and simply say, yea nothings changed and kinda laugh and carry on as normal.  Realize nothing has changed due the aspects discussed above.  In time more and more people see the reality of the world we live but if we do not effectively teach and strengthen the values and bonds with the next generations than we do nothing but fail.



A Monty Python Moment that sums up some perspectives on both sides with merit.

Science|Business - What have the Romans ever done for us.




The use and the manipulation of "us"

Without any consideration as to "why" we exist I see the gift of life as a force or nature that transformed non living matter into animated matter with no masters but our environment and ourselves.  Imagine the possibilities once we gain freedom from ourselves in terms of governance. 

When I see today's politicians no matter the location or party type they often speak and act In the name of "us" but they do not mean it the same as you may think or define the meaning of "us."  It often appears that way only when they need you.  I tend to caste a curious eye towards those who profess to know "us" and what is best for "us," especially when we have no genuine say in what happens to "us."  

 Perhaps part of the answer to the issue is to see the behavior as a political or special interest red flag when taking consideration of a politician when seeing if they use manipulation in use regarding their use of aspect "in the name of us."  With merit, this may be an act to gain support for their political career and/or party but this is stated generically.

To determine if this view is justified in a specific:

  1. Cross reference political desires that are in the "name of us" with ethics and morals without undue pressure in attempt to justify.

In many cases, the concept of "in the name of us" is a political method or tool used against you.  I understand a "justification" and/or a "reasoning with merit" can be a powerful and emotional influence but look at the morals and ethics of it.  Does it create victims?  How do they end in the plan?   What of other solutions and/or options.

  • When one group is raised and another is lowered in the process it creates a fighting aspect.  Why would a politician so easily want and/or accept such a situation? 

That should be a significant question to demands true accountability and understanding.  While their are always winners and losers in complex society, this aspect has been abused to the point many people have been conditioned to just accept this level of pain, very common when its others who suffer or if you or interest directly benefit from the arrangement and a good story or a reasoning makes a complex issues simplified to the point of potential abuse.  This is the kind of result you get from that,  :ass-smiley-emoticon:  (click for real example)

This often leads to corrupt and/or ineffective political remedies that are more about controlling a political party and/or agenda than good governance and leadership. 



Another Perspective

With that said, sometimes you have situations where you have groups or people who have historically been restricted, discriminated against, mistreated due to racial and/or economic type of aspects who begin to fight for their place at the table and this process on all sides often is not effective to finding genuine solutions with those whom they seek change and/or justice.  Just the same, the governing body rarely tends to be overly willing to consider the views, merits, concerns and sufferings of these groups in a historical text.

Generally this is a communication problem due to lack of care (love part discussed earlier) by the governing and most vocal pro fight side personas.  This tends to lead to worse situations for which humanity has many examples easily seen today when looking at indigenous people to areas of gentrification within cities.

Politicians often use and seek out the support of these groups that have suffered looking for passionate fighters for their views.  Some signs of this are as follows and is generically written:

  • When politicians place fighting people in charge or use them rather than those working for effective solutions this is a sign of manipulation of that system to obtain control.
    • Fighters fight.
    • Effective leaders constantly evaluate and this does not work to most political agendas.
  • When nothing to very little ever changes in the politicians area this is direct evidence of ineffective leadership and power is held potentially inappropriately.
  • Look at their plans and views and cross reference that with true ethics and morals and see how that rates out.


The following video is illustration of behavior and is not about any political party


While varied groups struggle for influence this process should be better understood and appreciated by all people as to better work together.  Otherwise the only outcome is a form of fighting, be it passive or aggressive it leads to dysfunction of varied levels from protests to extreme actions/behaviors regarding issues that likely need not be if the issues were effectively acted upon at an earlier point in time before the fighting aspect snow balls into a more complicated and severe entity which further complicates true solutions as too many points of interest are demanding and can exert unequal force and manipulation within their perspective groups to better their standings.





The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 6 - The Future



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