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Cultural Healing and Life

The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 4 - Personality traits, emotions, capabilities & limitations

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The Story of the Wily Ape:

  1. Section 1- The Beginning
  2. Section 2 - Value and Meaning
  3. Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior
  4. Section 4 - Personality traits, capabilities & limitations
  5. Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance
  6. Section 6 - The Future



The Story of the Wily Ape

Section 4 - Personality traits, emotions, capabilities & limitations



The limitations and constraints of the wily brain

The wily ape brains architecture while capable was limited and degraded by its inability to reflect upon itself with effective influence in regards to their actions, beliefs and behaviors.  This is caused by the two parts of the brain conflicting, the reptilian part of the brain is faster acting and generally takes lead between the two.  The evolution of our capability was faster than our intellect could emotionally rational to balanced proportions.  This imbalance has influenced issues to the individual to their society as whole. 

  • The reptilian/animal brain influence tends to cause emotional actions/reactions and behaviors and is greater than their ability to utilize their intellect. :groin-kick-smiley-emoticon:
    • Enables the actions of fantasy and false confidence in the future to play a bigger role in forming understandings, behaviors and decision making.
    • The wily ape craved entertainment, attention and fantasy.  When used in decision making this had a negative effect.
      • Essentially the wily ape did not want to know itself.
    • For periods of time these flaws are tolerated and managed within their society.
      • Laws, education :computing-smiley-emoticon:, good government, science and philosophy.
  • The influences of tribalism, wishful thinking and short term perspective would instigate internal violence among its species but never enough to cause the extinction of the species as a whole.
    • Wars, pollution, diseases caused by their actions and behaviors among the species but the species survives as a whole.

The reptilian brain had influenced the species behaviors and this became at times harmful as the species increased in technological capability but it benefited the species greatly early in its ancestral existence when those traits were more effective. 

Finding an effective balance as a society had not been accomplished even though many society models were attempted.  They all failed due to the same basic root cause.  The two parts of the brain were not in harmony.

  • The neocortex part of the brain is what enabled its extinction capability but also its greatest technological and intellectual accomplishments.  :58db4976aca5d_networkglobal:
    • The capabilities of the neocortex gave the wily ape a super natural type of power over its environment and population.
      • This gave the species the capability of creating self made disaster on various scales from small locations up to and including planet wide impacts.
      • This effect is directly amplified and related to the species technological capabilities. 
        • Such as wars throughout history.
          • Small hand to hand skirmish with rocks and clubs, to global military interactions to nuclear war.
    • Overtime the animal/reptilian brain influences reduces the society ability to use wisdom effectively to influence understanding, behaviors and actions. 
  • This tapered with negative results on society and with environmental influences and affects of "Tribalism," "Wishful Thinking," and "Short Term Perspective" eventually situations lead to the wily ape species extinction.


Artistic Expression

Artistic expression in all its forms has the capability to influence and overtime this aspect has been used to manipulate and for simple expression that can communicate.  When we think of art and music we generally think of it in terms of entertainment and harmless but these aspects of life can influence us in ways not well appreciated.  

This influence is often under appreciated by the masses but commercial enterprises engage these tactics to create desire.  On its face this appears to be harmless but it does play a role in the eroding of values of a society.

  • This happens by influencing people to act towards their desires and not necessarily to their responsibilities in life.
    • Newest Phone and TV size examples. 
  • I am not saying to shun to entertainment but to appreciate entertainments influence and to see how that has affected yourself.
  • In understanding that you can better see the manipulation and then it can lose its effect at least in part over us.
  • I have used this aspect heavily within this compilation.


The History of Art



Example of flash mob for the arts.


What art is for


Expression examples

  • Ivan Ruskov - Ballerina from Palestine could not resist the melody of a street musician in Italy


Flash Mob Example of an advertisement

AATXAJwwhdY6Eo_fdqHiILxwkJzrptR3hxVu98z6Music Hall



              :rain-cloud-smiley-emoticon:             :dirty-language-smiley-emoticon: Rated R Video

I believe the trait of comedy comes from the blending of the reptilian brain and the neocortex as it can communicate with influence to both aspects of the brain.        

Comedy enables us to deal with issues and aspects of life in a way that can be less shocking to us when exposed in this manner and thus comedy can also be used as entertainment, healing, education and manipulation.  With that said, the trait of comedy is often an under appreciated trait.

  • Comedy is sought out for entertainment purpose which helps address stress.
  • Comedy can help remove the sting of subjects by making dangerous or hard things seem less threatening.  
  • Helps people cope with difficult subjects.
  • Helps people relate to one another
  • Comedy can be a form of wisdom
    • But in this it can be manipulated to direct opinions and view points of audience.
  • Comedy can be threatening to those who are at the pointed end.  :crushed:





Union Break!



Love, the potential savior/solution to their society

Love is many things and has strong influences upon individuals and is amplified by groups.  Love is capable of speaking the reptilian and neocortex aspects of the brain specifically in terms of something that tends be significantly of value of the individual or group as applicable.

  • Love = motivation.



While the wily ape had a flawed mentality it also had a potential and savior which is the aspect of love.  Love is a complicated and varied effect but in terms of this discussion Love, is discussed in 3 forms.

  • Love of a Stranger - Their ability to embrace others as the same as equals with charity and mercy.
    • They "can" get along and have capacity to love and endear to one another.  :network:   :58db4604c56e6_globewithlife:
      Work example:
    • Life examples:  :happy-nodding-smiley-face-emoticon:    :bow-down:    :awesome-smiley-emoticon:   
  • Love of the Unborn - Their ability to care about future generation past the extent they will ever know them.
    • They "could" care for the future past their needs.
    • Examples:  :farmer:      :58db4621f1eef_treeongreenball:    
  • Love of Truth - Their strength to resist trickery and unmerited temptations when making choices and actions.
    • Examples:  :plumber-smiley-emoticon:      :recliner:    :dollar-signs-on-eyes-smiley-emoticon:     

The influence of love within the wily ape society could of been its savior as a joining aspect of the reptilian/animal brain mentality with the neocortex brain.  If did have the capability to managed itself to account for their intellect and compassion.  However, the wily ape simply did not know itself, though they thought they did. 



An enabling trait to change is compassion but it is also subject to manipulation due to that capability.  Throughout various periods of time they have often fought the sensations from compassion in order to advance other views and ideology often accompanied during periods of turmoil and war.



Understanding the unfortunate and the needy is a part of humanity that enables a venue for the formation of bonds or strengthening of loyalty for/or against depending on the perspective.  The trait of being to able to relate to one another in a way of supporting one another rather than taking advantage of the weaker position was rare even when understood.  

Empathy why influential is easier influenced by other emotions and can thus be regulated as a secondary influence in the behaviors of the populace.  This is a great video illustrating empathy by some people walking down a busy sidewalk.



This video is about compassion from the individual perspective.


This video discussions the influence and meaning of compassion.


Why we love.



OhWonderMusicVEVO - Oh Wonder - All We Do


Humility of the Apes

A moment of reflection, i offer a moment from Carl Sagan.


At the core of what we are, I believe we search to find out what that is that we are and as we do this, the very struggle for our species survival becomes a question as the willy technological capabilities increased faster than their intellectual wisdom was able to affect their societal and governmental types and behaviors.



The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance



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