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Cultural Healing and Life

The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior

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The Story of the Wily Ape:

  1. Section 1- The Beginning
  2. Section 2 - Value and Meaning
  3. Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior
  4. Section 4 - Personality traits, capabilities & limitations
  5. Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance
  6. Section 6 - The Future


The Story of the Wily Ape

Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior


The Extinction of the Wily Ape

As with most things our greatest asset is also potentially our greatest weakness and in the following we will explore this aspect and its impact.

The next video discusses some very good points on wily ape society by illustrating their brain's flaws and how it affected and impacted wily ape society.  This begins the topic by starting with the view of Aliens looking at the ape extinction and its reasons.




Click ape to see how 2001: A Space Odyssey - art form expression of the inception of wily.


What makes a wily brain



Consciousness of the wily ape



The wily mentality and how it affects behavior

The following video discussing the wily apes brain structure and sets a good basic understanding of the information following after.


The wily ape mind has two key aspects that enabled, constrained and reduced its society.

  • The Reptilian/Animal Brain or Old Brain:  :58db475329d5b_nono:    :devil:  Aggression and lust and its affects on society.  This comes from the early development of our species and enabled these ancient ancestors to successfully survive and thrive in their environments which has allowed your existence to reach to today.  Our eyes and impulse reactions connect to this part of the brain structure.
  • The Neocortex or New Brain  :abacus-smiley-emoticon:    :58db494d18f83_fishingwinter: - Bigger brains that enabled modern humanity to differ from other animals and its influence on society.

Those two parts of the brain enabled and enforced the following behaviors/traits due to its architecture which was formed over its evolution:

  • Tribalism  :dap-greeting-smiley-emoticon:    :smile-and-wave-madagascar-penguins-smiley-emoticon:   :face-slap:  :shit-emoticon:  Grouping together for similar interest and protection. 
    • Unable to see equality for all of the species. 
    • Capability for aggressive actions among the wily ape species.
  • Short-Term Perspective  :builder-smiley-emoticon:  :weatherman-smiley-emoticon:  - Wily ape society did not prepare long term aspect throughout their society even when the data was understood.  In addition this aspect also had an a role in the evolution in the education for which they taught within their societies.
    • Failure to appreciate the result and affects of their actions on short to mid current generation and onto future generations.
    • These failures degrade individuals and society elements that eventually leads to catastrophic reactions upon the society.
  • Wish-full Thinking:dont-worry-smiley-emoticon:- Belief that everything will somehow work out no matter the incompetence. 
    • They achieved and benefited from intellectual achievements on many levels.  This played a role into their wishful thinking aspect which became and grew a false but strong confidence that ultimately blinded the wily ape individual and society to its reality.

The wiley ape is controlled by their emotions, behaviors and the manner of their minds function.  These influences have the potential for greatness and disaster.



Section 4 - Personality traits, capabilities & limitations

http://culturalhealingandlife.com.www413.your-server.de/index.php?/topic/31-the-story-of-the-wily-ape-section-4-personality-traits-emotions capabilities-limitations/


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