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Cultural Healing and Life

The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 2 - Value and Meaning

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The Story of the Wily Ape:

  1. Section 1- The Beginning
  2. Section 2 - Value and Meaning
  3. Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior
  4. Section 4 - Personality traits, capabilities & limitations
  5. Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance
  6. Section 6 - The Future


The Story of the Wily Ape

Section 2 - Value and Meaning



In reality, we are not so different from one to another no matter the differences in appearance or the schematics for which we live as all of us share the same creation, the same building materials are within each of us. 

If we must talk about a creation source for everything, yes science can point to it from the big bang to the interactions and continued interactions that created generations of stars that eventually gave us the building materials to be here in a way that life was eventually sparked and we have not yet found more of it outside of our world. 

The above is about recognizing the true physical value of the materials for which you were created.  Not in terms of money or finances but in terms of rarity and its special properties.

The point I want to make is that all life is very valuable.  However, we tend to have fluctuating views on life in perspective to how it benefits us and/or when we perceive others as equals.  It is in the aspect of value being flexible within society that it can become destructive. 

  • In truth, we are all made of most exotic most precious material in existence that we know of.  Their is no greater thing than being alive yet by our own limitations we turn away from that value very easily and for very little true gain. 



True Value


Value + Meaning

This partially occurs due to a limited understanding to an appreciation of what "value" actually is.  To understand value in this sense we should realize that value is sort of in the eye of the beholder and often depends on whatever it or something should "mean" to each person and/or group.  That effect meaning has on us has a direct impact on the value we perceive it.  "Meaning" is the key to understanding "value" and how value is fluctuated by that influence.

Value Formula:  Other person/object/ideology + Meaning to you = Personal Perception of the value of the other.

This is illustrated well when it comes to sacred values and as such value itself can be more fluid and fluctuating than many appreciate.  For example, religious and race difference can, has and does have violent interactions based in part on some level of difference in understanding of value based on the meaning of what opposing side has toward the other. 

Meaning plays a direct role in your personal happiness in life.


The wily ape's ability change its values and meanings towards each other and its environment had an impact that was beneficial at times to its species but it also was exploited intentionally and unintentionally and it is in this twist that it's future depended. 

In appreciating this, you take a step towards freedom for real.  Sound odd??  How free do you truly feel?  Your answer depends on such influences such as your perspective situation, age, financial situation and are examples of dramatic differences to that answer.  Now, ask why?


The following video illustrates how value and meaning are determined and its effects.


How we view ourselves often sets the tone how we view others.  By understanding this perhaps we can begin to appreciate others if we can appreciate and care about others position and why it is when understanding one another culturally and personally.


Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior



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