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Cultural Healing and Life

The Story of the Wily Ape - Section 1 - The Beginning

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The Story of the Wily Ape:

  1. Section 1- The Beginning
  2. Section 2 - Value and Meaning
  3. Section 3 - Brain, Emotion & Behavior
  4. Section 4 - Personality traits, capabilities & limitations
  5. Section 5 - Society, Market and Governance
  6. Section 6 - The Future



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This is an attempt to tell a story and illustrate some aspects of our society.  To do this I speak of the civilization of wily apes and how they and their civilization was in part molded.  To appreciate I will illustrate from what was learned via science starting from the beginning of time to now.

Earth is a paradise from the perspective of earth inhabitants as they have not yet found life outside of their planet and yet this has had no positive effect on their behaviors as an effective influence on the species.  The story of the wily ape will help explain why and I thank you for your time.



The Story of the Wily Ape

Section 1- The Beginning


As we begin I ask you this question.  What are you?  :confused-face-smiley-emoticon: 

Literally?  Have you seriously thought what and where all the bits of us came from that makes us, us?  We are made of some of the most exotic material in the galaxy, living matter that is self aware that can reproduce, learn and adapt. 

From a starting point we mostly call "nothing" all that we are and see was created from the big bang to now.  Eventually life itself was sparked and the story of the wily ape can begin to be told.  To tell this story as to better understand we will start from the ending and work forward.

We are sacred but we do not recognize it.  Perhaps if you can appreciate how the materials from which you are formed came to be it might shine a light on that perspective for you. 


The Beginning

This is not about science but it sets the stage of understanding our true material value.  Often people think of things of value such as gold, diamonds, other resources but also in terms of how we relate to one another as in appearance, language, culture, wealth and the like but few think of the value of what they are actually made of.  We blindly take for it granted that we are alive and all the matter in existence but by doing so we lose appreciation of the value of our actual physical existence. 

  • To us life is not rare, but in the universe, we still cannot find it elsewhere. 


Long video from big bang to current day, explains how the materials in existence were created.

AAuE7mAQgqe_q5vD4Fxr_UzayfPas3SgWeQtyu52 BBC


In reality, we are not so different from each other no matter our differences in appearance or any of the schematics for which we exist as all of us share the same creation and the same building materials are within each of us. 



Section 2 - Value and Meaning



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