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The Health Benefits of Grapes

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The health benefits of grapes? The grape is undoubtedly one of the essential foods of our society. Since the Phoenicians introduced it to the Iberian Peninsula almost three millennia ago, a fundamental part of the Mediterranean triad -along with cereals and the olive tree.

Although its consumption is very focused on winemaking, table grapes, with their health benefits, should also be part of our diet.

Energy, vitamins, and essential components

The different keys of the grape are a vital source of vitamins and many essential components. Its composition, like all fruits, is fundamentally water -80%- but somewhat less than others that mainly help to hydrate, such as melon or watermelon.

In return, it contains a more significant part of carbohydrates (17%), and in addition to glucose, others quickly assimilated stand out, such as fructose. For all these reasons, they provide sugars soon if you exercise.

Of course, it must be taken into account that there are essential differences between varieties, especially in their caloric content. For example, the red types have more calories – around 110 per 100 grams – than the white ones – which are about 70 calories. @ read more The Health Benefits of Grapes

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