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Racism or Bad Management in the work place? - Working

JJ the Gardener

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Racism or Bad Management

in the workplace.


I find this songs line fits and the tone is smack on for me anyways.


The following is my attempt to speak on my perspective of the issue.  It is just my opinion and some reasons for it.  Now please remember, this is just one perspective and merely is like one cricket amongst the noise of a forest of crickets.  Some parts might seem great and for this perspective may be but perhaps when viewed along with other perspectives that value may change.  So please see this an idea and I hope some portion will play a positive role

Thus if any of this makes sense to you, I ask you to keep learning of other people's perspectives from closely similar to the extreme opposed and all in between and in so doing we may be able to find better ways to understand one and another and truly begin to heal humanity.  Work is a part of our life, part of our community for which I hope for it  to be seen as an extension of our home.  No matter the job function, we should be just as comfortable in the environment of each other as an extension of our community.

I want to talk about the aspect of emotions in workplace management to the employees and how both sides contribute to an overall narrative that is not wholly accurate.  It is is within this inaccuracy that low moral, protest movements, passive protest that negatively affect employer performance/ quality of work and a generally disgruntled workforce.

As a result these businesses/organizations tend to have a higher turn around of employees and are always internally struggling to maintain standard operations often suffering a lower overall quality and performance at the labor  price point for which it is expected at.

I will try to explain how this happens from my personal perspective which has spanned to worker, to senior management and back to worker level again.  It is a unique perspective from my Quaker eyes who understands and uses aspects of quality management and has come up the German management system where you actually care about your workers.  I hope it helps you in your work and/or professional future.


  • Stop Managing, Start Leading | Hamza Khan | TEDxRyersonU - Stop Managing and Start Leading

I like this video as to illustrate the aspects of needing to lead and manage along with his personal perspective as it very much relates to what I am writing. I want to point out the value in finding ways to work within a workforce as that that leads to higher quality moral, work performance and work life satisfaction which is key to happiness in general. 


Working outline

  • Necessary aspects
    • Trust
      • Employee and management
    • Caring.
      • Job
        • Management and employee
          • Operations
          • Employee life aspects
    • Rewarding
      • Job
        • Management and employee
          • Operations
          • Employee life aspects



A Circle starts at the beginning

We will start as an employee new hire perspective


  • Pre-existing stereotypes - Understanding and how to address.
    • Diversity in management can work to help new hires feel represented and that they are accepted and heard within the business.
      • When diversity is tapered with realistic working environments that represent diversity within functioning operations it works passively to help build the initial groundwork for early trust in management.  New employee will spot this early on.  
        • Diversity as a whole must play a role in the operating procedures, rules within the workplace, discipline, rewarding and working to achieve a positive work environment.
        • When this is well worked, people want to come to work as the enjoy the community as well as the pay.  When quality pay and a positive work environment is together it is the key to high production and quality.
    • First impressions do much to set the tone and pace of new workers be it management or worker.  It is important to understand this as to determine ways to create an accurate first impression and an environment that maintains those impressessions.
      • Management
        • How they view the populace of their employees.
        • How they view the individuals of their workforce.
        • How they view the appearance of their workforce.
        • How they view the mannerisms of their individual employees.
      • Workers
        • How they view initial management makeup.
        • How they view the individuals of their workforce.
        • How they view the appearance of their workforce.
        • How they view the mannerisms of their individual employees.


  • Quality of initial management and operational procedures. 
    • When new management and new employees enter a work environment they will typically mold to that environment.  It is that environment type that the employee will operate within and very few people are willing to confront such negatives and will typically go with the flow. 
      • Enforcement of rules.
        • Equal/differences towards:
          • To employees
            • in same work group,
            • in same work task but not direct workers,
            • Different departments/sections/buildings/locations,
            • Different managers,
            • Employee and managers friends treatment,
            • Gender differences
              • Reasoning for differences.
          • To Management
            • Employees of same group and task,
            • Employees of other managers,
            • Style of different managers,
            • Manager to employee friends treatment,
            • Gender differences
              • Reasoning for differences.
        • Based on sound reasoning or control?
          • Are operational rules created out of operational/safety/security requirements or other reasoning.
            • If other reasoning what is the reasoning for them?
              • Understanding those reasons, often knee jerk reactions that essentially make matters worse regardless of the intention overall is key to finding realistic solutions to the main cause of that specific issue. 
        • consistency in rules enforcement
          • Are the rules consistently and equally enforced at all times?
            • In some industries there are fast and slow times. 
              • During the fast times the industry tends to forgive and/or temporarily forgive violations.
                • This aspect tends to give weight to the view preferrational treatment.
              • During  the slow times the industry tends to enforce rules heavily with little forgiveness.
                • Often during this time they lose some of the better employees.


Quality of regular operations and management of employees.

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