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Cultural Healing and Life
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JJ the Gardener

Propagation, Seedlings and Watering

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  1. Cleanliness
  2. Environment.  (Temperature and Humidity)
    1. Soil temperature, around 55-60 degrees.
    2. Humidity 60%
      1. Lower to 70% as the plant grows roots.
        1. Initially the plant needs higher humidity as it is pulling its water from the leaves but as the roots gain we want the moisture and good turgor pressure from the roots to the plants.
          1. So you manage that balancing act as the roots develop.  It can happen rather quickly from days to a week or two depending on overall temperature.  Higher temperature within good range equal faster rooting.
    3. Temperature 70-85f or 26c
      1. higher towards 85 is generally better for fast rooting.
      2. Try to keep 10 degrees difference between night and day periods.
  3. VPD 
    1. Ideally a vpd around 0.85 kPa is a general rule but range from 0.8 to 0.95 kPa
      1. If the air is too hot and dry (high VPD), plants will tend to have slow, stretched growth.

      2. If the air is too cool and humid (low VPD), plants grow slowly and are prone to problems with mold or fungus.

  4. Media  (you want a light media that the new roots can quickly grow through.)
    1. I like to wic water from below.  The video above shows this in several options.
    2. Rapid rooters are notorious for dry spots causing problems.
      1. Coco based ones I liked better than peat based ones.
      2. Work best for rooting cuts as others have stated.

Do not over think it.


I sprout based on the condition and age/condition of the seed. 

This is a great video that is easy to understand for way to much information and practical information that should help you not just fix a propagating problem but help you know this process from depth.  Then, you can begin to truly optimize your systems and then you will begin to see plants like you have only seen on a screen.

  • Go to around 22:00 minute mark for examples and some instruction on different types of seed preparation depending on condition of seed.
  • 27:04 for seedling care and transplant.


I love sprouting in soil with a bit of worm castings. 

For hydroponics I like the water in a cup until the root looks like a sperm and transplant.

Another very good video for using soil, to soilless medias and seed starting.




Here are some methods, I have used these all.  He takes too many steps but he babies the sprouting of the seedlings and thus illustrates an optimum environment for each stage of the seedling process.  Notice how the environment is altered and humidity is changed for each stage.  Appreciating that is key.

  • I disagree with the ones that drop are duds.   
    • I have always seen a good rate of those sprouting but after about an hour I will take out of water and plant into soil or even a paper towel method. 
    • Can take longer to sprout as well but do not blindly consider those seeds duds.
  • Where he takes the sprouted seeds and into a paper towel and into freezer bag (poor mans humidity dome)
    • I do not do that.
    • I let the roots grow a bit longer.  They will grow down and look like sperm.
    • Be careful to not harm the root when moving.
      • I used a good set of tweezers.


Watering Section

  • So much great information in this video.

Hope that helps.

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